Back to December by Taylor Swift
This song tears me up. I close my eyes and remember the day Avery left me. Is it too much to want her to come back to me? To anybody that wants to tell me they are so sorry and how much they care do me one thing first. Listen to this song and put yourself in my shoes for 4 mins and 54 seconds. Imagine how I felt when the girl I loved turned her back on me and left me wondering what i did to deserve this. How she made me feel unlovable and ugly and never good enough. Try to image this before you tell me your sorry.
If your not my friend on EP don't even bother responding cuz you don't know anything about me.
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

I Agree With Her On The Last Part. It'll Take Time. It Took Me A While To Get Over My Ex When He Left Me For My Best Friend. And I Always Wondered What I Did Wrong. Was I Not Pretty Enough. And I Felt So Stupid For Not Even Seeing It. I Wanted Him Back. Then 2 Months Later They Broke Up. I Wanted Him Back. And He Led Me On And When I Got Close He Just... Ignored Me. He Did This A Couple Times. Until He Finally Just Left And Never Came Back.

And I Still Have No Idea What I Did To Deserve That. They Were The 2 Most Important People To Me. I Never Unserstood.