I Don't Know If I'd Call It Torturing

It's helped me through difficult times. When I was thirteen the first thing I'd do after coming home from school was put on a special song (which I strangely? am too ashamed of to reveal) replay it and cry. I don't really do it so much anymore, just when I feel sorry for myself. Not that I think it's something pathetic you do just to pity yourself. It's a chance to let go, let it all out and cry. That's extremely relieving for me.

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

i do not have a fav sad song--but i have a ton of fav sad songs--and they are not just for when im sad. they are my favs in general.

Songs have a way of making you relive a moment over and over, good as well as bad. Mine is, Wildfire.