This Morning

3:00 this morning Ray came to see me.  I was really happy to see him but I didn't see the point in me moving all that stuff so he could get in and the putting it back about 45min later after he left.  I can't believe he walked all the way across town to see me.  He couldn't drive because if he someone would have known he wasn't asleep in his bed where he belonged.  After he left I was mad at myself for not letting him in.  I tossed an turn for hours trying to get back to sleep.  I slept but not long after I was asleep did have to turn over again.  I may have been tossing and turning because I was hot. No I was tossing and turning because he had to walk home and I was worried about him.  I am better now that I've seen that he logged on this moring.  I'm glad he made it home safely.  I can't wait to see him at church tonight.  I hope he's in a good mood.  I just can't believe he came.

tinkabella tinkabella
18-21, F
May 18, 2007