I Hate It

Sleep and dreaming are my one and only escapes from this dreaded life I live, it lets me wind down the day and think about whats most important to me or gets my mind off of things

My dreams give me happiness because my imagination runs wild and I am most relaxed when dreaming.
Life just bogs me down and everyday I yearn to be in my warm bed sleeping

I toss and turn, my head won't shut off and let me sleep some nights
I hate it so much and it drives me insane, just sitting there staring at the wall waiting to finally drop off to sleep.

I have no comfort and sometimes I wished I had someone to comfort me at night to just hold me close and help me relax lol though I'd feel bad for them because I might get up and wander or pace back and forth in a different room till I am exhausted or i'd never come to bed, but that will never happen, so I must learn to deal and just hope I can catch up on sleep I feel that I need
23gorillaz 23gorillaz 18-21, F Dec 9, 2012

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