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Warm Pants Dump And Unexpected Surprise

Hello again, my fellow EP pants-pooping friends. I know I haven't been on lately, but it doesn 't at all mean that I haven't been "making stinkies" in my pants!! At any rate, I am writing you all to tell you about my latest experience, which happened last Sunday. You see, I had the usual urge to release a massive ****, and my husband was still awake and hadn't taken a nap yet. Well, I managed to sneak away to another room (the computer room), and totally drop a massive, mushy, stinky doo doo into my turquoise panties. After that, I also managed to have an ****** and *** while my pants were still filled, by sticking my hands down my panties and rapidly rubbing my clitt till I came. I even managed to walk around the house undetected with my pants full of the nice, icky brown stuff, going from room to room doing random stuff and chores. The surprise came when my apartment manager knocked on the door!! I was thinking, "Oh ****, the manager wants to come in and my pants are full and stinky!!" Luckily though, all he wanted to do was give us our rental receipt, which he slid through the door (Thank God). My manager is a sexy Italian guy. I just love Irish and Italian men!! MMMMM. I was scared at the fact of anyone coming over while my pants were filled with doo doo, and probably wouldn't have even answered the door anyhow, lol. But I'm wondering what he would have done if I did answer the door and he was greeted by an un-expected stinky smell emanating from my pants?? I felt just like a naughty potty-training toddler, who was resisting using the toilet and willfully and purposely going doo doo in her pants. Although I was literally scared shitless to open the door, I am curious to what his expression would have been, and the look on his face would have probably been priceless. I would have hoped that he offered to come in and clean and change me, but that probably WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED!! Lmao. Wishful thinking. As always, I am definitely planning my next pooping adventure, and with the holidays coming up and the malls and stores being crowded, I kind of want to doo doo myself in a public bathroom stall and then mix in with the crowd. Who will know I ******* if it is crowded? Lol. Do you think anyone will notice? Just the thought of it makes me so ******' horny that I just went to go **********. Had alot of fun too.
stinkypantsgirl stinkypantsgirl 22-25, F 9 Responses Nov 9, 2012

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yummmmmm wonderful!!

I know this is an older story but it's labor day weekend and I say, lets doo doo it up right

Ok let's go shopping at the mall, I'll go poo poo to, I'm wearing my camouflaged pants so we can stay awhile. Can't see the stains, we walk, talk fill our panties and enjoy till we ******. Even then we ain't gotta stop. Say yes to the long weekend

don't do it in a bathroom stall, do it as your walking through the store, if you can't do it walking, just stop in your tracks and ****, take some stool softner to make sure it's nice and mushy

We seem to be similar, we should share experiences :)

Awesome story, beautiful details.

Thanks!! :0). More to come soon.

I do hope so, please check out my new blog and confession maybe ok, it was my first ones to amit certain services.

Mmmmmm.... making stinkies the way you write!
If I knocked at the door, don't hesitate to ask me to clean and change you!

Ok, lol. thanks!!

I can think your tension when your doorbell rang. At sometimes I´m almost got heart attack when my doorbell are rang when I´m been with big poop in my pants :d I living first floor so you can see partially to my apartment from out. I´m not opened the door with poop in my pants but thought what will happen if I open at someday.

I wanna be your apt manager

Hahaha, lmao.