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hi readers this s ajay from ap i m 23 y i just want you to explain about myself as a terrible lover of woman navels i got first impression of navels at my 6 from my mom let me illustrate about her she s 46 a graduate and she s from a big family of 5 sis and 2 my dad also a graduate and he working for university as a lecturer my mom used to speak openly about her college and the past days she shows me the images of her colleges dates and before marriage pics she offenly weared sarees in pics and wears below her navel and she love to tied below her navel her navel was a perfect round in shape and very deep at my age of 5 or 6 she used me to play with her navel i asked her about the navel what is that she replied you born from hole only we enjoyed playing at early ages from the period of mine i got crush with navels i asked every thing about navel to my mom she expalined with her navel we enjoyed to speak about the navels she usually wears sarees at home and well below her navel she got some stretch marks below her navel the marks are due to after pregancy i always touch and puch her belly and her waist whenever we taking one month before a fine moring she wants me to take her to the shopping to brought some blouse material for my friend sister marrige we went and bought some material and we came to home and she start to stretch the blouse she asked me to shall i stretch the blouse as semi sleeveless and i said ok after one week we start to attend the marriage we are rushing to dressing ourself my mom decided to wore the new stretch blouse for the function after wearing the blouse she asked me how it was i was simply mouth open and said very attrative i want to hug to share my happiness i was in undress i got only jean in my lower and bare in upper when i hugged her my arms rubbed her arms and my belly and her belly was toughed heavily it was a shocking moment and i forgot everything and started hugging tighty about 10 secs suddenly she said ajay time is rushing yaar come let go then realized and leave her i got an electric feeling even before i never touch her arms it was silky smooth after we got the function and retunring back i was riding the bike and she sat next me she asks about the function i told the function was fantanstic due to presence of her she asked how i said i will explain when we return home she knows about her beauty but she wants me to say we reached home and she ask about the function i said you looked a angel in the function everybody asked who is that lady i m really proud of you mom she smiled and went near to mirror and start to touchup her dress i stood beside her and touch her arms slowly with me hands she smiled and turns back to me and asked would you like me to continue to wear the jacket in this manner i replied immedietely pls mom go a head with this and dont forgot to wear the saree below the navel she said no da i still with that and remove her pallu and shown me it was 4 inch below the navel i was erected and my **** began to build i asked mom can i kiss ur navel she quietly replied why dont you asking for that take your beautiful moms beautiful navel i dont delayed anytime and started to kiss her navel reply from her was very strange she was moaned that i never heard before she moves backward to lay on the bed i was pushing her to the bed i made her lay on the bed a start kissing and licking her navel i pulled her petticoat along with saree to downwards and start licking below the navel i almost went to her public hairs region and lick and kiss heavily and split my saliva into her navel and start fingering it her eyes was 75 percent in closed condition i massaged her whole stomach smoothly then i went up to her arms and lift up her arms above her head i kissed her fingers elbows beships and finally her armpits she moaned and slowly asked me to shall i remove my jacket i went to her ear and said i want to lick your armpits she completely out of control and i unhook her jacket after removing i saw my mom in bra it was black and her body was in the colour of gold i lifted hers arms and saw my mom armpits there was some short public hairs it very erectic to watch her armpits i start to lick her armpit it smells jasmine perfume she offenly use and litte bit salty while sucking her armpit i was in doggy position she laid on the bed and was licking like a dog my **** was fully builded and in the 90 degree inside my shorts then i removed her bra easily to suck her milky boobs it was a jelly balls i played with my month i sucket her rossy nipples and pulled with my mouth and bitting it she bite her half lips hardly and her hands are pulling my head to her breast to suck her breast i suck a pre liquid like milk from her both boobs it was tasteless then she saw my **** which was fully loaded she hold her hands went to touch my **** she opened my shorts and takes my giant **** i was still sucking and pressing her boobs and smooching her boobs with my face she start to play with **** by shaking up and down i got small climax and cumm my pre *** into her navel then i inserted my **** into her navel and start rotate she laughed then she said it was wrong i went to her and kiss her lips she kissed very hardly and her tongue went inside to mine and she suck my tongue for 5 mins then she ask me to untie my petticoat and saree to remove smoothly i removed one by one and finally i find her ***** it was semi public hairs hiding her ***** like a tree house in a jungle she requested me to touch and lick her ***** i start to put my hand and gently rub the public hair region she moaned loudly i touch lips of her ***** i insert my finger inside her ***** it was very wet and deep she wants me lick it i lick her from the bottom the juice from the ***** was driping like a waterfalls i sucked them and swallow them she lift her legs and make her legs in v shape to insert my **** i slowly look my **** and insert i slipped twice she help me to direct correctly it was a feeling to born as man which my mom was gave me it is very tight to insert and i start ******* heavily after ten mins she shooted heavily come ajay aaaaa she in the final climax and i m too finally i *** inside her ***** and we both went to an un consicous condition after ten minutes i laid from her i took my **** it was full of my ***** and her ***** was too driping outside i drop my ***** to her navel she said it was feeling i never had in my life and she little bit nervous by doing this to his own son but dayafter i showed **** websites son mon ******* stories and movies to come her normal now she always be my wife and we started living like that.

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Are you a son

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I am 24 and my mom is 47.I slept with my parent until i was 10 after that i use to sleep in my own bed but i could not sleep alone.My dad awakes before my mom when i hears the sound of door opening of my parents room it confirms that my dad woke up and without making any sound i would go and sleep beside my mom inside her blanket.After that i would keep my hands on her waist.she generally wears sari while sleeping,because of that till morning her sari along with her petticoat would rollup and would expose her upper thighs, and her nada gets loosen.
I have a huge fascination for her belly and navel.she has a huge belly which is too fluffy and soft.Her belly is fully covered with stretch marks and she has a deep navel because of that when ever she sleeps side ways her belly gets divided into 2 half's.
Now coming back.After putting my hands i would check whether she is sleeping after confirmation i start inserting my palm inside of my mom's loose nada and slowly move my palm towards her belly in the mean while if she woke up because of my movement she would pull out my palm and sleeps again then i would wait for her to sleep again and then i would start again and keep my palm for sometime on her upper tummy and from my other palm i would pull the other lose end of her sari to insert my palm and rest my palm on her thighs.This wont end her i would move my palm further and grab her one half of her belly which wakes her again but this time she pulls out my palm and would push me in anger telling what are you doing and would order me to let her sleep and dont touch her it feels uncomfortable and would keep her hand on the entry so that i wont insert my hands but by this time my senses are not under my control and i would ask my mom to please let me insert my palms as i like doing it but she dont agrees .So i forcefully insert my palm and starts grabbing her belly to the fullest of my pleasure in the mean time my mom tries this level best to not let me in but after sometime see stops resisting and would look in the ceiling,i enjoys this act very much and ultimately i ********** in my pant and i would have a sound sleep after that.
My mom leaves the bed.This whole act would last for an hour between 6:30 to 7:30 daily.I dont have any bad intention for my mom, it is just i have a fetish for her tummy.
When ever i find her sleeping alone i would start my act.Till now when ever i get a chance i dont misses it,because of my this behavior my mom avoids sleeping when ever she finds me near her.
My dad is not aware of all this.and my relation with my mom is very much normal.

i could not even finish reading this story .... it's so creepy...

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I remember mom asking me why I like touching her navel. I was a 7 yr boy loved playing blurrrrp sound on mom's tummy with my mouth. I loved mom's tummy which carried me inside her till i was born. I loved touching mom's navel with adoring fondness on the thought that it is the gate to mom's tummy and I was born through her navel only. Mom never corrected me of my false belief. She was pleased of my touching and kissing on her navel. When I start to kiss her navel mom used to keep me waiting to swipe and clean it for me. Mom enjoyed my tongue inserting deep inside of it. My mommy recline onto the bed and let me play on her tummy to my curious delight.<br />
One day mom said, the navel is the opening for the baby to receive food from mommy. I thought mom was giving me food through mom's navel. But she said it was not. Then somehow my curiosity turned to play with mom's breasts and nipples which provided milk for me when i was a baby. Mom loved my fun play probing her body. One day i went exploring down mom's navel and found out the mom’s slit and it was wet. I was curious; my fingers touched the wetness.It felt smooth and slippery; my fingers went in between the slit.I asked why the slit is wide. Mom said it is the opening which made me come out from mom's tummy. I kissed there.

what was your moms age when you did all this stuff ??????

bad realy bad....u shudnt post these kinds of stories....<br />
u r ruinung the essence of a most powerful relationship in this world

great experience.

great experience.

great experience.

crazy .... i have read this story so many times on various sites ... grow up

What a rubbish.......u should'nt an Indian.

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