My Experience That Night With My Mom's Navel.

My Mom is 29 at that time. She is so sexy that I get some feelings about her. When i'm 12 years old, I was doing my homework. My moms sleeping with me on bed.She was thinking about something and she slept after sometime she slept.  She had a hot, white navel. And she is slim. She always wears some kind of sarees that exposes her navel. She wears it 3 inches below navel. And her tummy is so soft but she always covers it with pallu.
On that day when she slept, I finished my homework and slept beside her. Then I can see through the saree her soft, slim tummy! I tried to touch it, but I feared that she will wake up. Then, I remembered that she will not wake up so easily. Even if we move her she will stay asllep. Sometimes, I will fall on her and she will not wake up. 
Then, I slowly kept my hand on her tummy, slowly moved her pallu away. Now, I could get so clear view of her soft, sexy navel. Ten, I rubbed it with my hand. And kissed it. Then, she woke up suddenly! I got feared. But she caught my head and kissed my on my lips. She asked me "Are you having fun?" Then I said "Yes" . Then she said "Then, come. Taste me" I didnt understand but she gave me a hot lip kiss. She kept her tongue in my mouth. That was a gosh experience. Then, I pulled out my mouth from hers. I slept on her and pushed her pallu away. I moved close to her face and she kept her face away. I could see hot boobs of her. then I started to kiss her navel. She moaned hard. And she couldn't resist. Then, she said me to wait. Then, she opened her blouse and I can see her boobs. She removed everything except an underwear. Then, she too out her bikini bra and put it on. Then, she asked me whether it was comfortable. I said youre hot. Then, without wasting time, I removed alll my clothes and undressed. Then, I gave her a hot hug n her body. She pressed me hard against her. 
Then, she caught my dic.k and said its so strong. Then i enjoyed that whole night kissing her. Then, she said not to say this to anyone and we can enjoy in the night. Then we had sex also when i'm 13 and now i'm 14 and she still makes me happy at night.
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Lucky bastard!

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I sure like your story. Mom gets satisfied and you gets fun.

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