Me And My Sister Trapped Our Mom

HELLO EVERYONE  THIS  INCEDENT MADE MY LIFE COOL THIS HAPPEND  10 YEARS AGO  THIS HAPPENED  WHEN I WAS VERY SMALL  my  sisters name is soniya she is mad about navels especially my moms navel  which is 1 inch deep and like a well  and she wears saree all the time in house i knewed my sisters intention because she had a navel fetish  one day i went to school my mom was alone in house my sister was there with her 4 friends that day she made a plan to play with moms belly and big juicy navel  she told her friends when mom will come in i will make sit on bed and we will fullfill our desire my mom didnt knew my sister and her friends intention she gave then some snacks and when she was leaving room my sister told her to sit  and when she sat she first interduced her to all  her friends when suddenly one of her friend grabed mom from behind and made her lie on bed and other one helded her legs and my sister removed her saree pallu exposing her belly  navel and cleavage first they all fingeried her navel then tickled her belly and licked her navel one by one  
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6 Responses May 11, 2012

u can't do this to ur mom including friends

hi dear

If i were you,i would get a ***** and **** up your mom!'

lol...thats strange and weird...

since u r frm south india i m askin u dis ...did ur sis got any beatings

That's just weird. Maybe it's a cultural difference.

I find this disturbing and inapropiate behavior.