I Enjoyed Mom's Navel During Powercut

Hi i am Jason May(name changed). I am a software professional in a reputed MNC. My family consists of Dad, Mom and my little Sister. My mom is 35 and has a good physique. This is a true story that i would like to share

One day dad had to leave for a meeting abroad. My sister was alone in her hostel. Me and Mom were alone. I remember the day when i caught mom by surprise. It was Monday and i left to office and told mom that i would return late night.

That day i returned home by 8:30 and saw that the power had gone. It was raining heavily outside. I changed my clothes and went to my balcony to watch rain. Then mom called me for dinner, we both had candle light dinner. Till then i had no evil intentions towards my mom.

After dinner i sat on sofa and was messaging to my friend. I leaned back on the sofa and my eyes went inside mom's bed room. I saw mom lying on bed and talking on phone with someone. I just ignored her, but suddenly a wind blew and her saree pallu lifted a bit. I could see her deep round navel clearly in candle light.

My crotch had developed a tent inside my boxers. I got up from sofa and went inside mom's room. Mom was still busy talking. I went and sat on the bed besides her. Then i got courage and moved her saree a bit further down exposing her deep round navel.

I got the thoughts of those days when i used to kiss my mom's navel. I went a bit closer and saw her navel. It was too deep that it could hold water in it like a bore well. Mom finished her conversation on phone, she asked why i was looking her navel like that. I said that i want to kiss her navel.

She didn't oppose me, and said just kiss it once. I was in heaven, i wasted no time and kissed her navel. The fragrance from her navel made me mad. I then kept my tongue and licked her navel. Mom moved a bit, and started to moan. I took this chance and smooched her navel hard. I spit my saliva and filled her navel fully. I fingered her navel...it was one sweet experience.

I saw that my crotch was growing rapidly, I gathered courage and took it out. Mom was shocked to see the size of it. I took my crotch and placed it near her navel and ****** her navel. I spitted my *** into it.

Then i went to her big jiggle milk jars and licked and sucked them, my crotch developed again, so i went to her heavenly hole and licked it. Mom didn't oppose she was just moaning. I decided to put my crotch in her love hole.

I ****** her that whole night and *** inside her thrice. The next day mom kept on crying i consoled her and said that will not tell to anyone. Then again i started to tease her navel with my fingers, that whole week i enjoyed my mom.

I am 28 and my Mom is 39 stilll we enjoy daily when no one is around, I love her navel daily and *** on it.
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Very Good

you are not only a pervert but also an idiot.... apple does not fall far from the tree..!!!!