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just a question for the ladies. How old were you when you first discovered that you felt really good if you touched yourself there? And what brought about this feeling?

Just curious.

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Well I didn't know it at the time but I remember being little (about 5) and leaning my stomach against the pool's side then suddenly feeling the water pressure making me feel incredible down there. After discovering this I'd always ********** in the bathroom using similar technique. I did (and still do) climb my legs up the wall an let the water massage my clitoris. After this I experimented with 2 neighbors: a girl and a boy. With the girl we licked each other, rub and kiss. With the boy: I'd let him touch me and put his fingers there. When I finally realized that what I was doing was "wrong" I stopped, but by then 2 yrs had passed and I really liked the sensation so I stopped fooling around but continued ************ until I reached age 16 and ****** for the first time (real penetration, not just teasing). Now I find it really hard staying single for long, try to ********** as often as I can so I don't feel that incredible urge that'll make me want to lick the nearest thing I find. Everyday when I shower (just like when I was little) I give my **** stimulus and if I feel friskier than most days I use a vibrating ***** that makes me feel incredible. Yesterday for the first time I had to buy new batteries, this is the incident that made me write on this page.

Talking about this has already made my **** throb, I think it wants me to put some saliva and massage it in a circular motion. Mmmh, picturing the boy I like and his head going up and down while he licks me without any concern where his tongue might lead him. Looking at his eyes while he eats me, touching myself right now... We have long distance relationship so it's hard but we manage. Think about his body everyday and how I'd love to: lick him; dig my nails through his muscular back; mark him as mine; grab his hand and make him touch me there gently then more vigorously; put his sweet ck in me and grind in a way i can feel it scratching my behind making me even more wet; nibble his ear and then ask "so you like it how it feels? how I make love to you? how I tighten it up? want more?", then tell him to "please **** me hard so when you leave again I can still feel you inside of me even for a little while longer." Make him sit back and enjoy the ride, kiss after he fills me up, take a hot shower together and melt in each other's mouths. Dry each other slowly laying on the bed and smelling him everywhere so I won't forget his smell, which is most intoxicating (right up there with puppy breath hahaha). I miss him so much. Amazingly we met only once. It was in a huge festival and it was the last night he was here in Puerto Rico (where I'm from), we only kissed but felt so attracted to each other that we couldn't let go. Next day before he left we met and kissed until he had to catch the plane... he almost missed it. Since then we talk everyday. Skype when we can (he always waits, even if its until 4am for me to finish my studies so we can see each other), text, pictures but mainly long emails telling each other about our lives and how'd we'd work on seeing each other and being in each other's lives. He's coming on August to see me... have a feeling we will be making love most of the time he's here.

Want to feel his warm body over mine, listen to him when he whispers in my ear my name. Touch his erection and smile while caressing it. Oh god, I'm so horny for this man... it drives me crazy. Had to leave a coffee shop where I was studying to be able to ********** cause the thought of tasting him and having him spread my but cheeks and liking my *** was just way too much to handle; caught myself almost touching while looking at a picture he texted me. Usually don't like it when men toot their own horn and act all like "look at me I have a great bod" but my god that boys skin looks like Michael Angelo decided to go to Asia and help God produce the most beautiful man (oh he's Korean/Australian). Want him to make my knees weak, to put his guard down and give himself completely to me. Have him only think of me, as I do with him. I desire him more than anything else. I want to suck him so bad, to tease his penis whole with my tongue until a little precome comes out and have a taste. I'd do it slowly as to not spoil his juice, I want a proper taste of my John.

oh wow... Well, there it is... the most erotic thing I've ever written in my life.

Most the time its thinking about my love. Just remembering how good it feels to have him touching me...fondling my hard nipples...squeezing them til I get wet...sliding his long fingers into my moist panties....thrusting me with them like his stiffening tool...oh it just makes me,so hot and wet...and now he's gone...and I miss him so much...and it gets me so hot and horny and wet....and I just can't help but slide my hands to my wet dripping sweet spot..close my eyes and remember how it felt when he lapped at my juices...making me even wetter...and after not being able to stand it any more...thrusting himself deep inside of me...all the way in..over and over again...making me scream with delight...begging for more...but him pulling out and flipping me...oh...oh..yes. I miss him so much..I am so wet....

12 i pushed my fanny against a table for a dare

Around 15, I came across a site on the net. It had a lady on it that was doing it, I wondered if it really felt as good as the lady looked like it did. So I did what she did, I was in the shower and almost fell how hard I came. It was great and I haven't stopped and my boyfriend do it a lot in front of each other.

i was very young, maybe 5, but i didn't understand why it felt so good.<br />
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i grew up in a religious family, so as soon as i was caught i stopped, but then started again around age ten.<br />
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there was a boy that lived down the street from me named trent and we would take turns touching each other, but still werent sure why we liked it, i stopped after he moved when i was about 11.<br />
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then i met my current boyfriend in high school when i was about 15 and when we started fooling around, he told me how sexy he thought is would be for me to touch myself, at first just tell him about it, but then we started to do it in front of each other, that was the best, its one of my favorite foreplays ever!! it gets us both so hot we just cant stay off each other :)

I was 8 yrs old and didn't understand what that fabulous feeling was when I rubbed my panties "came".. then I discovered the detachable shower nozzle... good god.. I'm now 30 and have to get myself off at least 4-8 times a day

I was 16 and my "friend" at the time gave my my first ****** orally. It felt so incredible that I just HAD to figure out how to make myself ***. I've been hooked ever since and am still convinced that I can get myself off better than anyone else ever will. ;)