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It's one o'clock in the afternoon and I've already jerked off twice...once in the shower 'cause I do that every day, and then once reading a dirty story someone posted in another group.  Go me!  I touch myself an average of 1.5 times/day in any given week, almost always in the shower and sometimes once before bed to help me sleep.  Can me more during the day though, if the mood strikes.
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I would like to get caught and then watched while him joined me.......ohhhhhh yeah

I find more chicks wanting to see me do it than me doing it with them....funny thing is, the O's are more intense when i do it but won't tell 'em that!

I touch myself as often as possible and would love to watch a guy. I have asked previous lovers to do it in front of me but they have all been too shy, inhibited, whatever. I have never had a guy decline to watch me though!

Thats how I spend my shower time too.

Dizzamn mnsscooter that is a truly hot story. Nicely done. Maybe you and steelemagnolia should meet up!

But of course women do it! Sometimes I read these stories and find myself all moist at my desk. Have been know to shut and lock my door for a few minutes. Frankly, it makes for some of the most intense Os I have ever had!

I do it 2-3 times a day more if time allows. Best times was with a female friend I use to work with and still am good friends with. she is also a good friend of my wife and says she never does married men and esp not her friends husbands. but one night we stopped off for a couple beers and started talking about srx as we usually did happened to talk about ************ and I said I love being watched ..she said she loves watching a man *** well next thing I knew we were daring each other then I was in front seat of her car wacking while she watched. Wow!!

i would like to walked in on my bf jerki'ng off... its will be so exciting

I totally agree with you thisisnotbilly. good point.

Ok. I'll admit I do it sometimes ahhhhh.......... LOL

I think there's nothing hotter than a girl who masturbates!<br />
I actually think it's a big turn off when a girl says she doesn't, my feeling is if you can't get yourself off how do you expect me to get you off?

Yep your a man alright.

Alright, it's definitely exciting to get caught by your significant other, but DEFINITELY not cool being caught by a family member...that's simply embarrassing. Unless you're into that sort of thing, which I am not...<br />
<br />
But by a stranger, or even acquaintance? Hmm...it would depend on the situation, but I'd love it if some hot chick caught me and instead of getting all mad got horny instead and started touching herself. We could watch each other...yeah, that would be cool. If I hadn't taken care of business an hour ago, I think I would again right now lol...

My bro likes to jerk off and always went into the bathroom to do that becuz' a various amount of times my mom, dad, and sis walked in on him. I know a girl at my work who masturb*tes, I accidentally saw her do it as I was walking by. She had her hand down her pants and eww..inappropriate at work. I love how it feels to be touched there, but like it better when my bf does it.

hmm, interesting point. i don't know maybe both?

Does your mind wander to that possibility because you are afraid of someone walking in, or because you're hoping someone does?

do you any of you have a problem concentrating on it when your doing it? because when i do it my mind keeps wandering off i have to come back into "the moment" which is kind of hard because I keep picturing someone walking in on me and being like wtf are you doing?? lol

Good to hear I'm in good company...I'd like to write more but I have to go take a shower. First ******* of the day, coming up...

Me too. Ahhhhhhh........feels awesome. Can't help myself. Reading your story made me want to did it some more. Gotta go !!

Oh dude it feels so good, but a few times my girlfriend walked in on me. Oh the ex<x>pression on her face was like nothing I had ever seen before. She acted so shocked. It's not like she didn't already know. All guys that I know probably jerk off.

All guys do it. That's sorta a natural thing. Don't be ashamed or embarassed or think it's dirty. My ex-boyfriends except my first love all did it a lot. Some women even m********* but I don't know any who do. Do whatever feels good. As long as you wash your hands afterwards it's not hurting anybody. It can actually be hot sometimes. One time I accidentally walked in on my bf ( ex boyfriend now) and he was ******* off and it turned me on so much we had sex for almost three hours. Also if my man is feeling horny sometimes we do a quickie, but my current bf isn't as horny as my ex's. That's probably a good thing.

Oh to play and play and play... I'm so f^cking wet all of the time that the urge is always there. Just reading or hearing certain things sets me off and that wonderful quiver through my body. I so want to be home right now...

Yeah I don't have a dog but I hear that's weird. One of my coworkers kept complaining that every time he'd be banging a girl at home the dog would jump up on the bed and start humping them both. THAT would be weird...does that mean they had a *********??? LOL

I am trying to cut back, FWD...it inice to know that some people can handle ************ responsibly....thanks for being a role model...<br />
Usually for me it is three times before I go to bed, twice in the middle of the night (depending on if I can sleep-sometimes it takes more) and when I wake up...oh, and when I get home. <br />
Not bad for a girl....