At Work

Was chatting with a girl that used to work with me.  I was on break, she started talking dirty to me....i locked my office door and she took control, calling me a bad boy and i was her **** (why couldn't she do this while she worked here?)....well she knew i had this paperweight on my desk, it was a long glass beam (not really sure how to describe it other then it did look like a naughty sex toy) she told me to use it in my ***...i told her no way, but she insisted and told me she would tell a couple of girls in the office i was ******* off at my desk, so i complied, got it and rubbed it near my *******...i was shocked at how good it felt, never had i touched myself like that before...before i knew it i was sliding it in and out of my *** as i was ******* off...i never came so hard in my life....needless to say, the girl i was chatting with, came by for lunch the next day and we ended up going out to her place and *******...she used a strap on in my *** that night....ah memories!!!
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so yesterday, brought a toy to work....slid the little vib in my *** as i jerked off listening to people walk by my office....i shot my load all over my desk and over it was the most amazing ****** ever, knowing i should be working but instead playing with myself at work...mmmm

Glad to hear I'm not the only person who ... does naughty things at work. Nothing like an ****** to refresh you for the rest of the day. Better than any old coffee break!

couldn't help myself.....i love using it still!!