Touching is a paramount, a have to in life a connection with others a feel good and shows each other our feelings our mood our needs. the best part it shows our love.
Without it we have nothing. nothing to hold on to. our souls crave just to be touched. our bodys crave to be touched.
This is what i miss from my wife. Oh i can be touched by others i find i need it more as my wife lays here unable to touch. She is a very touchy feely type woman. has made me into the man i am today.
Now i see her laying here unable to touch. her eyes i see the sadness and know its for me and i hate it.
When i see this in her eyes then i start touching her from her beautiful hair to her forehead kissing as i go. then i see light in her eyes and i know she is wanting this also. i love touching her and i know she loves it.
So just a word for you to take into your future and into your NOW
Never stop touching each other cause you never know when it will stop.
EP has brought this into my life even though i don't feel your touch i know its there.
I say Thank you to you and to ep
a man that loves to much
mrlone mrlone
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I do not know the details of your situation; but I do not need that information to know the emptiness you feel when your wife is unable to touch you and respond to your touch. The way we touch people tells them our sincerity and our degree of love. I try to touch people as I would want them to touch me, gently and lovingly. If everyone were to do that, there would me much less turmoil and unrest in this world.
My heart goes out to you from reading your words. I pray you receive consolation in your soul and are able to know that she loves and appreciates you.

there is no doubt my wife and i love each other always will. thank you jimmy for your nice message. in my prayers.

Yes I'm very touchy feely but my wife cannot stand to be touched. I found this out 6 months after marriage :( She's not at all what she was before And I thought maybe I did something but after long arguing about her many changes I leaned it's just who she really is

I have seen this from couples skidlelyboe im sorry.i feel for you. I have met many over the years. Some just like your wife. Now they call it disorders with names we can't spell or pronounce. I commend you for still calling her your wife. most would of given up on her. you haven't. im here if you ever want to talk.

You are very right. I am sorry about your wife.

Thank you Curioushubby

How very sad. I can feel what you are going through. Although it is so hard to bare, take strength from the fact that you can still touch her and give her your love through your gentle caress. her senses will be heightened now and this will be a powerful way to say I love still, I love you now and always will.
I totally understand as my husband was unable to interact for the last five years of this life and one of the things I miss most is someone to hold me close in theirs arms when things get tough. its says more than words can ever say.

Thank you Ditz

My friend, I also feel your pain, and feel so badly for you, and your wife!!!! You are such a wonderful caring man to take care of your lovely wife the way you do, and you know that she so appreciates your love and caring, even though she can not convey it to you, you see it in her eyes!!!! My love goes out to both of you dear friend!!!!! :)

Beachguy thank you for your heart felt sympathies . Hugs my friend. I hit a home run on ep. you all understand what I go through. Never stop touching each others lives, cause you all have just touched my wife and myself completely.almost in tears here.

Richie, please just remember that your friends all love you, and care so much for you and your lovely wife!!!! Keep your chin up my friend, please just drop me a note when you need my encouragement!!!! Hugs to you two!!!!! :)