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Dolls And Tea Sets

I see nothing wrong in letting boys play with dolls and even have tea parties. Boys playing with dolls teaches parenting skills. From changing babies to feeding them, some thing the G.I. Joes never do or the Wrestling Buddies. IT teaches them to dress the babies as if they were real children. All cloth dolls can be a sleeping buddy with any boy besides any teddy bears or stuffed animals. Right now only girls are taught to raise their children but in today's economy some Fathers who now stay at home are at a loss as to what to do. The economy is on the rebound but it happened before and will happen again. So this needs to be learned as they grow - not just dropped on them.
The tea Sets can be used to teach manners and learning to wait on others. Ways to set a table. Even the toy ovens and kitchen equipment can be used as a teaching tool and allow the boys to have fun. More girls are out working today and more are taking the better paying jobs as well. Girls are graduating from Colleges at a much higher rate then males and become more and more qualified for these positions.
The past ways of doing things is going away and boys do need these skills.
Melodie13 Melodie13 61-65, M 2 Responses Feb 12, 2013

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I was a Janegirl curtiousey my grandmother. She bought me a doll, a tea set, a doll house with furniture. I played with them constantly and still have them! Grandmother also let me dress in some of her old clothes and eventually purchased a couple of little dresses, panties, lace socks. She also bought me two frilly nighties. I also had little play jewelry, makeup sets. I stopped dressing about age 9 and when I was 13ish would sneak panties. Once my mom caught me, she bought panties for me with the understanding that I only wear them in the privacy of our home.

I have to agree with this one. All the items here would teach boys important skills through play. That is why most girls are better equipped to handle the housework. If boys were taught this too, they can participate more easily when they get to adulthood. It is a very lacking thing in most homes these days.