What An Excellent Idea ---

I have so many things that need to be done around my house -- I'm cash short -- but sexy a plenty -- How in the world would you start to barter for that? Paying a man who's good with his hands (a big time turn-on anyway) with some hot and sweaty sex -- Please sign me up for that!
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please add me

Friends? What are your measurements?

where are you located? i can definitely do work around ur house. im licensed and insured

I am VERY good with my hands. I would love to help you with your plumbing.

I always thought **** was so stereotypica, here's the plummer, pizza guy, mechanic, i guess it's true stereotypes are ba<x>sed in reality :)

do u need ur cable fixed im a cable repair tech lol

i'd work for you if i could lick your *****....

CuuteePie, I love your open -minded attitude. Bartering your assets for working on projects is just plain Hot! I work in the construction trade and would be pleased to barter a deal with you. Hell, I'd probably get hooked. I'm the kind of guy who happens to find the one-man-woman type to be a bit on the dull side, so finding a partner who couldn't resist sampling fresh fruit is exactly what I need. House construction and repairs is my profession, but there's always car repairs, pizza delivery, appliance repair... What a wonderful resourceful partner you would be! How are you at making pie?

If you live close you've found a contractor!! : )

How would you start to barter for that??? Ummmm ask. It would be as simple as that.

I am a plumber if you have any plumbing issues I can help!

I have found another way. There are so many men out there that are looking for a dominate woman to make them do things for them. I was getting frustrated because so much of the work was not getting done around the house. My husband was out of town on an extended business trip and I was working so everything was piling up, the laundry, dishes and the yard was a mess. I was on a website on night and I came across a profile from a man that wanted a dominate mistress. I contacted him and told him I wanted a slave. He told me he was completely submissive and would do anything he was told.<br />
I figured he was either a pervert or a wanna be but I took the chance and met him. He appeared to be normal in every way. We met at a restaurant and talked for awhile, I could tell he was excited about finding a woman that was not afraid to be strong. I was still a little nervous about this but I decided to give it a try. The next weekend I told him to show up and be prepared for a lot of work. He came at exactly the time I told him to. I had a girlfriend there for support and safety and another waiting by the phone, if I didn't call on a regular basis she would have the police come over. Actually her husband is an LEO too. <br />
As soon as he came in I laid the law down to him. No sex, no arguments and this was all for me so what he wanted was irrelevant. He agreed and seemed so happy to finally have found someone to treat him like he wanted to be treated, so many of these guys are out there!<br />
I told him to put the laundry in and told him exactly how I wanted it done. I then gave him a pair of panties and told him to ***** down to them. Then I told him to start cleaning as my friend and I had a few glasses of wine and watched. He worked hard at all I told him to do, watching him working around the house in just panties was a turn on as he did have a nice body. The only thing was that it looked funny with body hair. He wasn't really furry but it still didn't look good so I stopped him and told him to shave his crotch, legs, underarms and chest. We waited as he went into the bathroom and did as he was told. When he came out we where amazed at how good it looked, my girlfriend even wanted to screw him but I told her no, he was a slave and you know how guys get after sex, wanted to keep him frustrated.<br />
H finished the laundry and did great! When he was on his knees in the kitchen scrubbing the floor I went up to him and told him he was taking too long and laid a belt across his behind. Not too hard but just enough to get his attention. He seemed to like this way too much but I did it again and he started to get erect. I told him to stand up and called my girlfriend over. We made fun of him as his erection grew out of the panties. I went into the bedroom and got genital bondage stuff my husband had and told him to put it on. It separates and ties up the balls and keeps the penis from enlarging. He had to get in a cold shower to get rid of the hard on and put it all on. It was tighter on him as he was much bigger than my husband and I could tell it was uncomfortable. <br />
I told him to get back to work and he did. He spent the whole day and evening catching up on the inside stuff and when he was done I told him to come back the next day for yard work. I figured I would never see him again but bright and early he was back ready to work.<br />
He started in the front yard wearing regular clothes but when he got to the backyard I again told him to put on the bondage stuff and cover himself with some girl clothes that one of my girlfriends had left at the house that fit him. He worked in the backyard like that for a couple of hours and I put a bowl of beer on the ground and told him to lap it up like a dog, he got on all fours and finished it. I put on a dog collar and led around for awhile before making him go back to work. <br />
About that time a couple of my girlfriend showed up and we started to party, making fun of him and taking turns leading him around and punishing him. We where really getting into it when he told me that he was losing feeling in his genitals so I let him take off the bondage. Hate to see that thing fall off! We where having fun with him, making him serve us drinks and trying different outfits on him when the phone rang and my boss told me I had to run to the office and send out some information to a client. I had one of the girls drive me as I had been drinking and left four women there to watch him. We made it a quick trip and got back in an hour. When we walked in we heard some noise from the play room and walked in to find him strapped down to a bed, his arms and legs tied and a ball gag was in his mouth. One of the women was on top of him and he looked like he was being raped by her. The look on his face was priceless! He obviously didn't want what was happening to him and his eyes showed total fear! I asked what the hell was going on and my friend just laughed saying she needed to use my slave as she was really drunk and horny! I told her to get off and quit screwing my property. I guess one of the others had been on top of him too. Fortunately he had not orgasmed.<br />
I told him to shower up and he begged me not to be angry, that they had told him to lay down and they tied him up, he was so sorry. I told him to shut up, he wasn't man enough to say no to anything and it was the women here that take responsibility. <br />
After he showered we made him do some other things and then told him to go home. He dressed and left us to party. About once a week for a couple of months he came and did his work. I started letting him ********** in front of me and sometimes my friends but never let him do anything else. It would have gone on longer as he loved the arrangement but I tired of it and gave him to a friend that needed a lot of work at her house. I hear she still owns him.<br />
So, ladies. There are a lot of men out there like that willing to be slaves to you just for the opportunity to be treated like slaves. You don't need to trade sex if you don't want to or you can use them if you would like.

Hahahaha! this is the funniest story ever! Why stop there, find a guy with a shoe fetish and get him to lick all your shoes clean :)

I would glady let you barter your body for my work. why not!!! we both would be happy.<br />
love your stories<br />

I am a very handy guy! My wife doesn't appreciate what I can do around the house....but I bet you would.

Im the first volunter for that. lol

Maybe I need to sign up for that too.

OMG Bill -- Thank you so much - I'm gonna check out that site now :)

your in luck! A site called "wifebarterclub.com" key in your location and your requirements! They will come! Bill in Va. +

I think that I can quickly learn a new set of skills with that incentive.