Trading Spouses With Girlfriend

When we were about 30 and married for about 10 years, me and my girlfriend traded spouses. We had decided to go on a trip together and one night we were drinking and dancing at a club and our conversation got around to discussing people who are into swinging. We all joked about it and then my husband said, "Well why dont we try it and see how it goes?" We all laughed then it became our topic of discussion. As we danced with each others husbands and did the belly grind, her husband started hitting on me and suggesting that we get serious about it and do it.
Back at the table, I said, "Dam it, lets do it!" everyone looked at each other and then we all said, "Ok lets go!"
The rest of the vacation was enjoyed by "dating" each others spouses. It was fun. Too bad we live too far apart to make trading more often.I really had a hot time.
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My wife and I tried a similar thing with close friends of ours. My wife and I had talked about it for a long time, the possibility of swapping with them. See, the other husband flirted with and groped my wife all the time when we would go out, and for weeks when we would vacation together. his wife and I were pretty much bystanders but never did anything to stop it. Finally one night the other wife was feeling depressed about the attention my wife was always getting, so I seduced her via massage and after a short while was massaging her breasts and fingering her while she was massaging my **** almost tot he point of eruption. I told her my wife and I had talked about swinging and were both OK with the idea, and asked if she was interested. She was, but her husband was absolutely NOT. Bummer, because I think the other wife and I would have really enjoyed trying out each other.
Glad it worked out for you all though - sounds like a very hot vacation!

My wife thought it would be the other wife that I would have to convince and worry about. the other husband turned out to be a big talker and then an ******* when it came down to it. We are still friends, but the thought of swinging with them has lost its shine...