Discovering I'm A Submissive

So I am young inexperienced, and confused as all hell. I've recently been chatting via online/phone with One Dom only. We want to meet soon, but I want to make sure I know it's a safe situation, I'm exercising extreme caution before I do anything rash. Within a week I feel like i'm in a trance, and I love every second of it yet it's scary and frightening. I feel very HIGH is the only way to describe it. I'm having a hard now even before we've met to seperate this from my life. He's in my mind completely all the time without exception.

This literally is the most intense thing I've gone through yet we have yet to meet each other, so I'm frightened that when we do meet it will be entirely more intense. Is this normal for a Sub to feel at first? Does this feeling dwindle and normalize itself or is it always this intense. Again I love this feeling but how to I have my life and this? Or is this my new life, I feel like I've discovered my calling yet I don't want to be scared of it lol. Anyways... any advice please
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I wanna be a submissive, I just can't seem to find the right Dom here in Georgia

So me and this Dom didn't end up panning out although it was an interesting experience none the less. We never met so my safety as discussed was never threatened. After a couple months of talking I just had this nagging suspicion that this was not the right one for me. Certain things he said and certain ways he treated me just didn't seem right to me. I was in constant punishment for things that were seemingly out of my control like my career and prior obligations. I hope this doesn't make me seems defiant or not loyal because to the very core I am submissive, and to a certain extent I naturally enjoy being punished but needless to say I was not receiving any praise or love after so long just negativity. So I ,am currently feeling out the lifestyle still and loving all that I learn and experience. Thanks for all your words of wisdom Doms I appreciate it greatly :)

Amen to all. The people who answered your post in such a thoughtful manner are examples of good Dom/Dommes. As you explore your new discovery, just understand that it comes with some potential pitfalls as well. The public safety issue has already been noted numerous times. There is also your emotional safety. As a submissive, you are potentially more subject to disappointment and hurt from a bad/selfish Dom. Make sure you know the expectations going in, and make sure that He is going to be patient enugh with you as you explore this new lifestyle.

It's easy to be in this state. Like men are when they are horny, it's impossible to think straight when we are like this. However, it's awesome to take the leap when we are like intensifies everything. bet is to take a step back. <br />
<br />
You can become His slave in due time.

I agree with blackheart50 and Master1A. I understand that you are excited and aroused at what your Dom says to you via text and phone. It is easy to succumb to the fantasy of becoming His sub. Have you discussed what you are wanting to discover and find out about yourself as a sub? Have you discussed your absolute hard limits? Have He told you what He is looking for in a sub?<br />
<br />
When you do travel to meet Him, make sure that someone is aware of your itinerary, when you are leaving, when are you planning to return. If you do not want to let them know who you are meeting, make sure that you let them know you will be contacting them after you arrive and before you leave. When the both of you meet, it needs to be in a public place. A good Dom will understand and should encourage it. If He does not want to meet in a public place, that is a red flag. <br />
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Make sure that you ask your Dom questions about Himself. Is he married? Living with someone? What are His expectations from the D/s relationship. you need to snap out of your dream state and make sure that you are finding out everything you need to. Safety first.<br />
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Mistress Callisto

Well.Well.Well <br />
what your doing is escalating, This can happen, in most anything in life.<br />
try jumping out of an airplane. Look at it like drugs the higher you get,<br />
the farther you fall. It's true. <br />
<br />
To be on the safe side,a good dom would, get some info if you haven't already.<br />
Start and google him, then you can call your library, reference desk<br />
Ask them where to get access to public records locally.<br />
<br />
*(whispers)"that's a good lil girl."<br />
some times my pet, I feel<br />
almost the same thrill<br />
<br />
you know sub, slave, and property are progressions?<br />
So, If I were you,at your age, what I would do is to remain<br />
at the sub level as long as possible. you will learn more about <br />
being a better slave and property.<br />
<br />
careful what you wish<br />

Be very carefull. How old is the Dom you are talking with? Is He older , or your age? I can tell you from what my subslut has related to Me that you are feeling what every other new submissive feels and has been stated. Begining a completely new lifestyle can be very disorienting and overwhelmingly exciting. Hopefully this will be the most wonderfull and completeing expirience of your life. But DO NOT let this excitement overcome caution. Make your first meeting in a public place. Make sure, as has been said, that someone you trust knows you are meeting a new person , where and when. Also make a plan to contact them right after the meeting has completed for your own safety. I wish you a long and wonderfull life as a submissive and property of a Dom who will care for and teach you all you need to know to become a proper and complete sub.

Wow! You and I are having almost the exact same experience. I also haven't met in person yet with my Dom, but I hear what you're saying about the intensity. Sometimes, when we talk on the phone, I almost can't breathe...Some of the things he says or tells me he's going to do or wants to do just leaves me gasping..... I also hear what you're saying about fear. Be careful there...When you do meet him, make sure that someone knows where you are...<br />
I really hope this works for you! And I hope you'll share your experience!

That pre-date freak is half the point of submission. If he's a good dom, you'll never really know what sort of experience you're about to have. But yes, eventually, you'll know him well enough and the fear turns to excitement and anticipation.