Women Who Are Tired Of Vinilla Sex Have Hidden Desire To Be Submissive

I have met with and converted a couple women in the last few years,who had husbands that did vinilla sex, or were just plain boring and uncreative.We started out as secret lovers, the first thing I noticed was if I held their arms up over their heads and pushed into them against the wall, pressing my body into them, got a real positive questioning  response.The nest thing I would casually tell them, be good or I will have to spank you,this always got their atention and a positive questioning response.Next I would talk to them like they were **** subs,like,on your knees *****,now shut up and suck me,suck me good or you will be punished.They all responded well,and welcomed my dominance and took pleasure in being able to pleasure me!.ITake it from there.slow and easy and you can mold even the nicest,shyest women into your submissive **** sex slavesThey all told me that they had no idea they had this deep dark desire to be dominated,controlled and would actually enjoy bdsm and look forward to being controlled and punished. But they did,always coming back,always having the desire to take it to the next level.After being with me, they would all go back home,live their socker mom goody two shoes lifestyle and nobody knew what was running thru their minds! I am not saying all women are looking for a dominant man or woman,some are hopeless or just not mentally into it and the first couple examples I gave will sort the wheat from the chaf and save you from wasting your time on them.I am the dominant master,but not a mean or sadistic master,I respect a womans limits,but some pain and punishment are part of the program.Also, it must be made clear to the woman,that this is her fantasy world come true,,it must be kept discreet and she must be able to separate it from  reality,you are there as her master,and trainer, both of you are there for the ultimate pleasure,mentally and physically,when you end a session,both of you go back to your real lives,do not confuse this with love,it is lust,and yes,intimacy,but it is about the physical and mental satisfaction,not a love affair!

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Very good advice, I totally agree with your method