Update : Trans In Pakistan Finally Run For Office Pt II

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Transgender people rallying for the inclusion of a separate gender column on identity cards before the Supreme Court ordered the government to have the community registered as voters to run for the highest seat in the office which is the president of Pakistan.

KARACHI: A member of Pakistan’s transgender community is to contest upcoming general elections on a ticket of equal rights, saying the community has more
to offer than begging or dancing at weddings. I mean the above statement is silly as it is point less, all humans from American point of view are cherishable but not when it comes to government military wars on foreign soil.

It is twisted mentallity by the US government to have 2 faces for every country on earth, what happens when all third world countries unite against America? It is called failure of economic to embargo taxation of goods passing from one region to another & not winning a war from US point of view.

It is a first in Pakistan’s 65-year history to pass trans gender laws.

It will also be the first time Pakistan’s estimated 500,000 “eunuchs” as I ever heard first time how to pronounce them but I grew up with hijarhs of in betweens sort of thing tags. But if we browse through youtube cross dressing section we see all types of names.

This decision to allow or seek eligibility to seek office, after the Supreme Court in 2011 ordered the government to issue them with identity cards and to register them as voters.

In Pakistan, the word “eunuch” is also used to refer to hermaphrodites, transsexuals,
transvestites and homosexuals in addition to castrated men.

Those classified as eunuchs are traditionally paid to help celebrate the birth of a son, or to dance at weddings.

The statement of, “It is not our destiny to merely dance for others and hold begging bowls. We have a life to live,” said one reporter. From a human collective point of view after not even the might of United States unable to enforce copyright laws in third world are so lacking in utilizing human potential in correct use. Other wise all are users of Personal computers to browse & not make a difference in society.

The elections will be for the national parliament and provincial assemblies.

Seats in Pakistan are often won on a patronage basis, giving wealthy landlords and entrenched political parties a huge advantage. This point is well known as the famous elections campaign for seat of a province per say.

The chance of running election for seat in local province for any trans person is slim since a lot of money is involved by the might of heavy campaigners.

“We are not corrupt. We have no need to be corrupt. We have no families and our own needs are limited. We are contented people,” reporter who is trans person also.
This is a good point to allow trans gender people to run for office to wipe out corruption which personally I don't see it going away anytime soon since the whole region is infested on every level of admin to local office if the bribe is not taken.

“I know it is very difficult to defeat them, but everyone should contribute for
the betterment of society,” reporter added.

But in a conservative Muslim country where sexual relations outside marriage are taboo and homosexuality is illegal, “eunuchs” are treated as sex objects and often become the victims of assault, ending up as beggars and prostitutes.

This is sad state of mind set by majority but if they were in States it would not be so.  Reporter who is trans gender person himself he completed 10th grade in school and now runs a charity, which includes a computer centre for members of his(her) community.  “We are getting educated now. People used to make fun of us, but now they have started to respect us,” he(she) said. The reason for he(she) is mentioned is that I don't want to know or don't know his exact sexual orientation.

Finally after looking at trans issues back in United states during 1990's with one of kinds medical surgery to what not in Thailand, the whole sub-continent has finally woke up to reality.
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Mar 25, 2013