Girl Transformation

In detail, my fetish involves a girl (there have been hundreds who have played this role) that somehow acquires a genie lamp and uses her wishes to become in this order: a queen, a sorceress, and then a genie, much (in fact, exactly) like Jafar did at the end of the first Aladdin movie. In my most recent years, the focus has been on the third wish -- the genie.

The girl is naked, and I focus on her body and legs stiffening and flexing, her eyes lulling in her head, her feet pointing, some moaning here and there, her hands changing and growing long, black claws, her teeth becoming fangs, and also the mental aspect of the transformation such as her not caring that she's naked in front of hundreds of people and believing that she is going to control the universe without question.

In some situations, I like to think of her being nervous at her ambitious wish, but eager all the same to transform into a genie. I like to think of her acquiring the "power and body of a God." I really have no idea where this type of fetish would evolve from, or what it means. Does anyone else have something similar?
FecalKorn FecalKorn
18-21, F
May 24, 2012