Another Lost Woman In A Mans Body

I am just one of the many who wish for the unattainable. It's the same story as everyone else hoping, wishing and thinking that 1 day you will get what you want and need. I am NOT special I am NOT unique just 1 of the millions the believe they are someone else. We are unique group living our lives as close to true as we can. " harm none, do what you will" is a pagan term i live by uet will my desire to be whole harm my family? I am not happy as a man. Yet i am a 6ft 2" and 250lb with full beard. But i wear my wives skirts and sneek her bras. Some days i feel that im in the wrong. Other days i feel " normal".
This is such a hard life.
danielledrempt danielledrempt
36-40, F
Dec 6, 2012