Lorraine had been medically discharged from the army and was now back in the family home.It was the first family breakfast in ages "Lorraine said we need to get the twins into school" they pulled faces but they new they had to go.On the way to the school the twins noticed that most people rode round on quad bikes "do you think we could have one to share".as usual their mom said we will see.The school looked like Hogwarts but they had a good academic record we went in to see the head she looked as old as the school.She told us what subjects they taught and all the different sports they did and finally she said i believe in physical punishment everyone learns the hard way."Carly said please miss what do you use " she replied i use a tawse,cane and the leather strap all across your bare bottoms."Carly said thank you miss".."Lorraine ask when can they start ""the head said next month here's a list of the uniform needed".As we got up she said"if you have quad you must wear a helmet" we left.
. We drove into the local town and went straight to the bike shop the twins used their savings and bought a quad the shop keeper said they needed safety gear which they also purchased he also through in some lessons.To take their mined off there moms illness we encourage them out on the quad it was fun watching them,everyone was busy so i took lorraine to see the specialist he talked to her using medical terms.On the way home i asked her what he said "he told me i will feel tired and it will effect my walking but i need exercise and a good diet"." i will help you manage it " she smiled.
. It was the twins first day at school i took them dropped them off at the gate don't forget to be polite,they managed to hold it together all week and then someone punched Clare instead of telling the teacher she told Carly and of cause she corned the girls in question and then hit them and they hit back but she was wild when she started.They were all sent to the head who started it Davina said me miss I appreciate your honesty wait out side she was joined by another girl davina said what happens now listen.We could here her being punished she came out crying and barely able to walk the other girl went in davina heard the same noise the head called davina in.Davina stood in front of the head "were do you want me " "across my desk please". She pulled her knickers down and lent across the desk the head gave her 10 on each buttock she was crying the head said don't move the head then gave her 10 strokes with the leather strap you will also have detention all week she got up and left.Outside the heads office the girls apologized to her for hitting Clare and thanked her for not dropping them in the **** also can we be friends.
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Jan 1, 2014