Unity, And What That Means!

So very often in the world today, in order to form unity, it is believed that we all need to agree with something 100%, this is terrible logic and creates far more division then unity. Unity is nothing more then "something" that connects all for a common goal. (I suppose now I have to explain "common" it's average not every.)

Each and every person is a unique individual with different likes and dislikes, that's called being an individual. When many individuals come together from different back grounds, that's call being diverse. Unity is a diverse convergence of "Individuals"  who share, as much or as little as just one cause. And in sharing that cause see the greater good to the movement of idea/s then their personal ideologies.

Having been a transgender person all of my life, and having experienced the transgender community since I was about 16 when I first read of my "lifestyle" in the LA Free Press so many years ago when the only reference "I" saw/knew of anywhere was "transsexual prostitutes" and the headlines/movie about Christen Jerguson. I can say pretty much that we are a band of people with a like minded goal (respect), but with as many ideas and opinion to get this respect it seems nothing but a buzz of loud complaining and whining, let alone the infighting. One thing I was to mention before any one condemns my vision on reality, There have been huge in roads to the respect we all deserve from society through the hard work of many people from all different social backgrounds and religious backgrounds. And we are becoming more united!

The ugly is that there are many Transgender individual who insist on a leader board mentality, and a disassociation (from the community) mentality for their own survival. Or a mentality that speaks to those who disagree with our lifestyle with only hatred rather then the compassion and empathy we expect them to give us.
As hard as it is, for us all to be united, we must all have a pride in ourselves and others that we are "transgender" and know that some are ignorant of this! Unity begins with the self acceptance that others are different.
JoanieNewHampshire JoanieNewHampshire
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Wonderful piece! Perhaps it takes an 11 year old like Jazz to make us all, and everyone else out there, realize that each of us, TG or not, comes with different wiring, not wrong wiring but different. Whether CD, TG, TS, gender identification- whatever- these are not disorders- we are simply who we are.
One of my good friends keeps so eloquently reminding me that it's the person who counts, not their gender or what they happen to wear or think.
I continue to learn something new every day and find myself learning from the veterans like you as well from the "youngsters" like Jazz and others still growing up , who are youngsters only in age, not in experience, worldliness or, most of all, common sense and willingness to accept.

I have a high school friend (female and a minister) who says no one should ever be denied to be who they are!