Guru Geeta Likeeta

Likeeta means handwritten, which is the present form of my manuscript. Geeta means Song of. Guru is explained in this ancient 352 verse text which was part of a larger work, the Skanda Purana. Christ and Buddha are better known gurus, but Muktananda was mine and I cut my teeth on his abridged version only about half as long as the full work and spelled Guru Gita in his and other versions of it, but in English we say "neet" scotch that a "nit" wit would drink.

     One verse says making a handwritten copy for others will bear fruit...I hope so! It is part of yoga practice to chant [sing] this song and is a good practice no matter what beliefs you hold. For one thing the prolonged exhalation singing requires will purge the body of toxic gases - mainly CO2 but H2, NH3, CO, acetone and others are expelled from the blood through the lungs. It requires concentration which disciplines the mind and posture which strengthens the body. It may have a spiritual benefit as well. No matter what it strengthens and refines the vocal chords resulting in a pleasing voice.

     Could this be the song written of in The Book of Revelation as the one sung by the first raptured to heaven? This is verse 32 in shorter versions, 58 in mine.

         Gurur-Brahmaa Gurur-Vishnur               CCDE  EDFE

              Gurur-devo Mahesh-vara,                    DEDE  EDED

         Gurur-eva para-Brahmaa                          BBCD  DCED  
              Tasmai Shree Gurave Namah.             CCCC  ACDC  
[no sharps or flats] . Best times for practice are 4AM or 12 noon. You may start with just this one verse and build your way up...or not. If you only want to get  > < this spirtual, then that's as spiritual as you'll get; like anything else you take out what you put in. Good Luck!

UPDATE: By popular demand here is one additional verse (134 in Likeeta, not found in shorter versions) :

      Advaitam bhaavayen-nityam
           Sarvaa-vasthaasa sarvadaa,
     Kadaa-chidapi no kuryaad-
           Advaitam Guru-sannidhau.       The same note scheme as above.

For awhile the completed work [all 352 verses like these two] is available from the printer: and my website (there are four more "freeed" verse there).

UPDATE 3/20/12: Here's a third important verse, 58 in the short version and 118 in Likeeta:
and also 4/2/2012 for a special lady (82 in short, 102 in Likeeta)
118.Akathaadi-tri-rekhaabje             102.Yasmaat-parataram naasti
       Sahsra-dala-mandale,                          Neti neteeti vai Shruti,
     Hamsa-paarshva-tri-kone cha            Manasa vachasaa chaiva
       Smaret-tan-madhyagam Gurum.      Satya-maaraa-dhayed Gurum.

UPDATE 4/17/12 for jmc132 - a special translated verse:

350.Rahasyam-atyanta-rahasyam-etanna  This (Guru Gita) is secret. It
       Paapinaa labhyam-idam Maheshvari   is the most secret secret.
       Aneka-janmar-jita-punya-paakaad       Devi, it should not be given
       Gurostu tattvam labhate manushyah.  to a sinner. Only when
meritorious deeds done in countless births become ripe like fruit does
a person become worthy of receiving this Truth.


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Thank you for this. You may just have changed my life a bit for the better. People like you are rare and inspiring.

Thank you for the compliment. To really "get it" a person needs to really practice.The notes are easy (even I can pick them off a piano) and the words are phonetic. The vibrations were designed for harmony with The Creation and The Creator.

Very interesting,not a subject matter I have studied at all therefore it is not possible for me to leave an informative reply.....sorry.

Why does it have to be sung @ 4am or 12noon? What makes these times significant?

4 AM is called "Brahmamahurta" - the hour of Brahma - when yogis practice while the world sleeps.
Noon is recommended by my guru's successor. IDKY

LOL 'when yogi's practice while the world sleeps' ... not here. Nope where I live people are getting ready for the morning commute. Rush hour begins @ 4:30am. The earlier you leave (depends on how far away you live), the less time you sit in the high volume of traffic. In fact extreme commuters (those that drive more than 3+ hours one way or 70+ miles to work) are already on the road by that time. So they'd need to do the chanting behind the wheel. - What's IDKY?

Hallelujah...recalling Leonard Cohen and group singing this gave me goosebumps..."a secret chord that...pleased the Lord". Thanks. Imagine the power of chanting (singing) Guru Geetaa Likeeta! Full version is known by an even rarer bird than the abridged (Guru Gita) which is known by few like you and itself declares should be kept secret. For you I include another verse - not in the abridged version and the only translation within this story. Enjoy.

Very Nice! <br />
<br />
I use native American drumming and chants to find peace at times, it is an auto self righting function for me. A dearest one pointed that out to me recently. I have chanted this work (abridged) twice when studding in my youth, very nice work. This chant has a pleasing air, it can fill one with glorious visions. The practice and fluidity of voice into mind out of body into space and time opens clarity and does allow viewing and brief surveying of reality, as a scientist I am very interested in reality, and do like this tool, thank you for reminding me of it. <br />
<br />
It has always reminded me of Mr. Leonard Cohen's work : <br />
<br />
" Now I've heard there was a secret chord<br />
That David played, and it pleased the Lord<br />
But you don't really care for music, do you?<br />
It goes like this<br />
The fourth, the fifth<br />
The minor fall, the major lift<br />
The baffled king composing Hallelujah<br />
<br />
Your faith was strong but you needed proof<br />
You saw her bathing on the roof<br />
Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew her<br />
She tied you<br />
To a kitchen chair<br />
She broke your throne, and she cut your hair<br />
And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah<br />
<br />
You say I took the name in vain<br />
I don't even know the name<br />
But if I did, well really, what's it to you?<br />
There's a blaze of light<br />
In every word<br />
It doesn't matter which you heard<br />
The holy or the broken Hallelujah."

fascinating ... sacred sound ... thank you for transliterating and posting this ... must have taken a lot of effort

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I guarantee you voice - at the least - will improve if you practice Guru Geetaa.<br />
Interested readers should view aka's video as confirmation of the power the sounds convey.


Oh yes, I read this the other day...upon returning, I find it even more interesting, the chanting...I sing in the shower sometimes, does that count?

PiiNK: Namaste, prabhu [teacher=prabhu].

Sporadically verses of Guru Geeta Likeeta are available on ebay under that name.

Hey Joule,<br />
In our private message we hammered this gold leaf to mirror finish, but for purposes of looky-loos who won't grok the subtleties anyway, will you accept as a public acknowledgment that the [small] difference lies in using "Guru Saak-shaat' in your version and "Gurur eva" in mine? Using one or the other doesn't syncopate the 32 syllable note scheme as saak-shaat and e-va each has two syllables. Actual Indian dialect varies wildly; I have it on authority of my 73 year wise dentist friend, born and raised in India, that without English even the Indians would be hard pressed to converse in their various dialects.

Hey Freed.<br />
<br />
I think you might've gotten the song wrong. I'm not too sure, but we used to sing it differently when I studied in India =/

fascinating Freeed thanks for sharing that, may start simple yoga again

Mary, the notes you sing are written next to the verses, i.e., CCDE EDFE are the notes per syllable of "GU-RUR BRA-MA GU-RUR VISH-NUR", etc. I use a keyboard and start at middle C, but if you use a flute or other instrument I shouldn't have to tell you how to intone the notes. Love and light.

I have no idea how to say this,,,can you help me with that,,,I would love to chant,,,but I would like to here how it sounds,,,thanks for this insight,,,love and light mary