I,m A Ts

i have been crossdressing for years and love dressing in womens clothes, i wish i was brave enough to take hormones and grow breasts . i still want to have a penis, but i would like to be more girly. i really regret that i did n,t take hormones when i was younger as i,m sure i would of been happier. now it seems i,m just going to be and old crossdresser . i wonder what my life would have been if i thad just gone for it

aliciasuks aliciasuks
51-55, T
4 Responses Feb 21, 2010

It's never too late to achieve your dream.

It's not too late. I'm 62 and started taking herbal estrogen. My nipples got larger and my breasts started to develop. I got scared and stopped when I thought people might start to notice the change. My thinking has continued to evolve. It is my intention to start them up again and stay on them for at least 6 months to see how much I can develop.

never to late but in bed with old CD i snot bad find Ts girls i love all with big di... and you fell all woman heaven

Im sure its not to late to take the hormones and grow your brest you can stiill keep the penis im plaining on takeing the hormones as soon as i can get them im still strugling betwin straight and transsexual for where im at my family would think im a freck