Travel - Good Or Bad???????

Well I have read the other travel stories, and I wish that I could travel that little.

This is my second 3 week trip this year, and it looks like I might have a third next month.  Last year was better before everybody started canceling contracts and the customer that I was going to for 1 week a month which was perfect was now not paying for any product support at all.

I understand traveling the world and seeing everything.  I have been to Asia and done the "tour" and also to Europe.  Each place has its own unique thing and its own set of problems.  I makes it interesting for me and for those I tell about it.

The Good.

If you travel the thing that I find to make the trip worth while is if you can get out and see some of the sites that make that location worth it.

If there is also a fellow co-worker or client that invites you out to see the sites and show off their city.  That makes the trip memorable and worth repeating the story.

If you would like I have several experiences with my travel that I have shared with others and they are taken for the brief ride of what it must be like to travel for part of your job.

For example:  Has anybody here been able to travel business class to Tiawan?  It isn't too bad for the 21 hour flight.  The airline food is actually edible, tastes good and you get to try different things without being disappointed in it.

Being able to talk to airline stewardess for hours at a time and be able to see them again in 3 to 6 weeks for your trip home.  You actually get to be "friends" with these people.

Of course you are asking "What is the bad?"

The bad is basically being away from home, missing the touch of your love, missing (as crazy as it sounds) the 3 year old that just wants to give hugs and kisses all night.

Missing the smell your loves scent, perfume or otherwise.  Being the hero as you bring your love a starbucks, or sonic tea. 

Living out of the suit case, eating bad hotel breakfasts or "dinners" if your hotel actually offers it. 

Watching crap cable - (side note yes cable may offer 500 channels but the hotel will only have 20 if your lucky and the break down is as such HBO (running the same shows over and over again all month long to the point where you don't need to buy the DVD since you have seen it so many times) 5 to 7 news channels ( all talking about the same "hot topic of the moment") 4 sports channels which most of the time is golf. 5 local channels which can be okay for 2 nights a week.  4 kids cartoon channels - lets not even go there.  Then it is the misc channels which offer something different - History, Discovery, USA, TBS (eh), TNT or you might have local access which in Austin TX is a hoot to see what people do to get on TV.)

Then there are the weekends where you aren't working and trying to find something to do that doesn't cost much because the whole point of traveling for your job is to make extra money. 

Being by yourself alone - you can work out only so much, be on the internet so much, play video games so much, go to the local mall and walk around so much, before it all becomes boring and looks all the same. 

Then you start to hate yourself for not being there for your love and wanting to quit your job but you can't.  You start to doubt yourself in your home life and hope that your love still wants you around.

If anybody has done a lot of traveling to the point of being burned out you know of what I speak.

Sorry if this has gotten dark, there is oppurtunity in travel but there is a cost as in everything, a lot of people don't always see that.

So how is it for you?  Good or Bad???

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Thanks for the comments and glad to have a circle of friends.

I know we are your family away from home.. We may not be as good but we are always will to listen... I know how much you miss your family and I know they are so happy when you are home...At least you are willing to make the sacrifice some men would be!