I always follow my own path, rarely sticking with the crowd.  I'm not much like them anyway, so there is no need to follow.  I found this one quote a long time ago....

My entire life has had me feeling my way through the meadows while everyone else plowed through hallways and highways. Even when I'm in a hallway, I'm near a meadow. I hear the crickets.

I am always in the meadow, or near the meadow.  I am always charting my own path through the field of flowers, never knowing where I might step, or what I might find along the way.  I look over to my right and left, and everyone else is trying to run along the highway where its easier, but there's far more people to have to navigate through, a greater chance for collision. 

Here, it's my path, and only mine.  Anyone wanting to walk with me is always welcome, but walk beside me because you need to step in your own spots too, figuring it out along the way.  Never walk before me or behind me.....this is my path.  Your path can be parallel with mine!  Besides the meadow is far more peaceful and beautful here....
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