Because That Is Where Adventures Are Found

I've been known to get in ruts.they can take many forms,beware.

when I depart from my comfort zone,I'm allowing myself to be open to new experiences,the consequences may be potentially shocking,but ultimately thought-provoking and life-enhancing.

a few past favorites:destroying televisions,going without electricity,finding a campsite that involved carrying water(that's a quick route to appreciating that stuff)hitchhiking to destination unknown,sending anonymous gifts,or leaving little treats at bus-stops or homeless encampments,reading opponents literature,smiling at enemies,tossing stories onto EP without expecting comments or accolades,finding places where there are no people,sneaking into top-secret research facilities,grafitti in unexpected zones,veering away from planned manouvers...questioning reality.

create your own autonomous zone,push the envelope,laugh at your former self,amaze your friends and neighbors,inspire random discovery.

dubkebab dubkebab
46-50, M
3 Responses Sep 7, 2009

well,I've spent many years intoxicated,and believe me,that became a rut,despite the odd "curve ball"(a USA-ism,in reference to our national sport)<br />
I've tried to expound upon the inner mysteries,but apparently came short:how to put it into words...any hints,fearless readers?<br />
I'm a product of mine environment,but aspiring towards breaking the shackles,always striving for unfettered experience,so there.

I've been known to NEVER get in ruts lol. One of my main features has always been this. <br />
And my list of unusual extraordinary activities is many times LONGER LOL, also not that routine/matrix as yours :-P lol ;-).

No, I myself travel The Road Less Traveled because that is where The Truth is; there are the best opportunities and possibilities for research and exploration, for TRUE KNOWLEDGE and SOMETHING REAL. NOT within THE MATRIX, NOT in the routine.