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Stay Out Of The Tall Grass!

A relevant Jurassic park 2 reference. win.

Anyway, I was out walking through the woods and fields with my friend the other week. I was walking in front of her, on the path that had been worn out by people over the years. There was a second path through all the undergrowth, but it wasn't so much a path as a small bend in the grass and branches and nettles.

My friend, for some reason, pointed out that I was completely predictable for walking the obvious path, so in retaliation, I immediately turned off the path and started pushing my way through trees and bushes and spider webs. she had to follow, of course. That was a fun day, we saw a rat by the river :P

Emptysoul30 Emptysoul30 22-25, M Oct 29, 2009

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