the Thrill Is Gone; Creating New Thrills Could Kill Me

When I first started travelling internationally for work 12 years ago, I loved it -- seeing new countries, meeting new people, discovering new things, foods, places -- it was great. I barely touched my hotel rooms except to sleep, always out and about taking advantage of every moment I had to discover more.

Now it's just gotten old and tired - I'm so totally in been there, done that mode that stying back in my hotel room and watching TV is often more attractive then getting off my *** and doing anything.

I'd love to use this group to create a network of other people like me who can share where we are and create and share new experiences in our travels to maybe liven things up once again -- where are you and what's going to kill your boredom?

wasit2u wasit2u
36-40, M
3 Responses Oct 6, 2006

Still traveling myself and yes it does get old and everything but hey it is a job...

i feel the same. <br />
but i even stopped traveling, changed my work and lifestyle - wanted to give my hometown and me another chance, but now i feel boredom will actually kill me. i've been here for a year and a half, putting enormous effort to get used to "normal" life and i've reached the point in which i have no f... clue what to do with my life.<br />
the worst thing is that everything is pretty normal. i should be happy. but i see it all as mediocrity.

do u have a family?