One, Two And A Crowd

I've been a restless traveler.  Not just within the country or the continent but to distant and once in a while even dangerous places.  These voyages, call them war-zone trips, I mostly made on my own.  When it was for leisure, I sometimes traveled with others. 

I always disliked to travel in a group of unknown people.  It feels somehow  unnatural to get yourself displaced from one country to another in the company of people you don't know.  It impedes direct contact with the place and the locals.  It is a transfer of home sweet home, compressed in a tin can, a plane, a bus, a jeep, whatever moves or has beds to sleep in.  Always happy together.  Or not.

When I traveled with a group I made sure to be the guide.  That position guaranteed some distance and relief from the occasionally suffocating pressure of my co-travellers.  I felt comfortable to have one foot outside and not to belong to them fully.

I made a dozen trips with groups to faraway places and I admit that a couple of them were fantastic.  If the gods are benevolent, a bus with tourists can be magic.  If that's the case, it's clear from the start that there will be a click that unites and will grow stronger as time goes by.  This is exceptional. 

If you really want to travel, see a place and submerge, you have to go by yourself.  If you want to meet yourself, a group will not be of much use either. 

I traveled a lot alone.  Much more than I did with others.  Once in a while we were two.  That's great if you get along back home too.  If not, it's hell.  

The encounter with the mirror is almost inevitable for the loner.  A twosome can share the burdens of traveling or it can double their weight.

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56-60, M
Feb 13, 2010