I Was My Own Best Customer As a Travel Agent

I traveled the world it seemed like while I worked in the travel industry.  As an outside agent I did not have to go in the office except to take care of my customers, and when I was away on a trip my commission was waiting for me when I came back..DID I HAVE A BALL!. But I had enough, I cannot believe I'm saying this, but now I only want to travel with friends and family.  I would like to go on a great adventure or cruise at lest every other year.  Then I'd go on 3 cruises in one year,  I'd travel alot to the Caribbean, but I had some wonderful trips to EUROPE.

Now I don't have the energy or the desire for so much travel.  I travel with public  TV Rick Stevens to Italy!  :-) 

csan csan
61-65, F
Aug 8, 2007