I Saw A Photo Of My Granny As A Young Girl For The First Time.

My Granny was a stout grey haired old lady when I was a child and that is how I always think of her.She was a dear sweet old lady and wrote wonderful letters about her every day life. She used to write all around the borders and margins and fill every inch of the paper which I found very endearing.
I knew that she had been a midwife in her younger days before she had 8 children (I think).When my sister and I were sorting through my Mum's belongings we came across a photograph neither of us had ever seen before of Granny as a young girl.She was dressed in her pristine midwives uniform or Nurses uniform,with a starched white cap,a cape and a lace collar.She looked so beautiful and it made me think of her in a different way:
There was also a letter that a patient's relative had written to say how kind and caring she had been when their relative was suffering from cancer and how well she had nursed them.It was very touching.I'm so glad these special things were kept for us to see.l
liquidamber liquidamber
51-55, F
May 8, 2012