Going South (in The City)

My parents always offered to take me to school when I attended the Institut in the fifth arrondissement, but after sitting in uncompromisingly difficult traffic a few times they decided on buying me a metro ticket to last me the whole year!

So, I walked down home to metro Rambouteau, changing at metro Hotel de Ville, for the Villejuif bound ligne 7 at Chatelet bound for Censier Daubenton, and the short walk from there. Sometimes there were others who I could accompany, sometimes I was on my own.
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Did you mind being alone?

Not really, there were lots of people off to work, so there was a safety in numbers.

I lived in the country and travelled to secondary school by bus but there was always the same children on the bus. It seems a pity to travel underground in such a beautiful city. I got left behind on my first visit to Paris, i was going on an exchange visit and on the way we all got a tour of Paris for 2 days. Jean-Michelle had been at our house for 3 weeks and it was now my turn to go to his, in Salon en Provence. Jean had told me we had to go down from the 2nd level of La Tour Eiffel I was just finishing a postcard and I went for the lift, the gates closed in front of me and I then watched as the bus drove away. My heart sank and I was close to tears, from somewhere in my memory ' smile and whistle under all difficulties' came into my mind. I eventually found a friendy gendarme who radioed for transport and I was whisked through Paris to police station where they took down details as far back as my grandparents. It was explained if I ever needed to prove who I was, the record would be in the Le Sourtie. I was then reunited with my party at Gare du Nord, Jean's father was not pleased, but we were soon on our way and I could relax again. I never forgot to stay with the group after that.