The Grass Is Always Greener

The tale of my trip to Canada and how someone close to me changed my life.



So after saving up penny by penny I decided to travel abroad, I had no clue as to where I was going to go until my Canadian friend recommended Canada. "It has such a friendly feel here" she said "I have some time off work in July if you will let me come on holiday with you!"

I had known Sheilagh for 2 years and she was one of the very few people I actually felt comfortable talking to, we were so different from each other yet we could relate to each others lives. Over the 2 years we had become quite fond of each other and while we had never met in person, we talked via emails, videocalls, phone and msn whenever we could.

Well she said friendly and friendly is good, i'm used to the constant feeling of a rook kicking off down town, or coppers hovering about the clubs, or listening to someone cuss someone else "for laughs" or the toking of green and the taste of drink. What has become a typical night out here. Maybe this trip could change me as a person? I knew Sheilagh didn't like the things I was doing at the time, but at least she was honest about it with me.

So I started looking up accomodation and places to visit, I was gonna stay at some super8 Motel but Sheilagh said I could chill at her place after we'd explored southern British Columbia(I got off the plane in Vancouver, she is a Kelownan).

It was settled then, I was going to Canada! I told all my mates that I was leaving the country for a few weeks to go abroad by myself to see a friend, and of course they said I was mad for going alone. "You'll probably get murdered or something, but have fun" I remember one of them saying.

Took me ages to work for the cash needed to get over there. But I knew that I would have the time of my life in a new country regardless of how broke I might be.

The flight over was amusing, I was sat next to 2 women from Wolverhampton who didn't speak much English and one of which taxed my seat. I also had to try and help translate for them when the stewards brought the tacky inline flight meals and show them how the built in t.vs worked, it got slightly repetitive but on the brightside the one of them gave me the little loaf of bread you get with your flight meal. WHOOP FREE BREAD.

 When we got into Canada the plane crossed the rockies, I couldn't believe it, the size of the mountains. Only things I seen as big as them were off the t.v, and that cool little t.v the plane has which shows you what is beneath the plane showed them in all their glory. The mountaintops glistening with snow like something from a fantasy film. It would of been even better if I had the seat I booked directly near the window. But ah well, lifes a ***** and in any case I might get it on the way back.

All throughout the flight I kept dreading meeting Sheilagh, she knew enough about me to hate me. But I was also very excited about exploring Canada with her, I never knew someone who loved their own country so much.

It only took about 2 hours to get out of Vancouver airport, even when Security pulled me to the side to ask a few questions about my stay in Canada "Hullo Buddy welcome to Canada can you show me the contents of your bag eh?" I couldn't help but laugh a little, but at least he was polite and its not like I had anything to hide.

As soon as I left customs I was disorientated, the 9 hour flight and the intake of such new surroundings was intense. In a crowd waiting for the passengers leaving customs was Sheilagh, twinkle in her eyes, beaming at me and also a little red in the face. I wanted to give her a kiss on the cheek but my self loathing forbid me.(She'd probably want you to know that I didn't hug her when I got off the plane, was still disorientated and wasn't focusing on much apart from her smile and the amount of people leaving the airport, WASN'T MY FAULT SHEI)

When we left the airport we went to get some food at some popular Canadian diner, was called Moxies or something. I felt well out of place, sat in this posh diner in an England football shirt and Combats, i'd be refused back home. So far so good!

Me and Sheilagh talked through the whole meal about what we were going to do in Canada, planning our holiday together was fun. I'd usually get bored and zone out before agreeing to do something creative, but oddly enough I actually felt motivated about exploring this new country. (Eat at Moxies, tasty as hell)

The first night we cruised around Vancouver, the buildings were huge, the cars were wierd and Shei was driving around with a big grin on her face(I never did ask her about that, you really should tell me what caused you to smile for nearly 3 hours Shei). For the first time in years I felt free, away from my past, away from those who thought the world revolved around money, beer, drugs, women and clubbing. It was new air in my lungs and I felt ontop of the world!

 We checked into a Motel before we started our camping trip the following day, I ordered a room with two beds(No way in hell I was gonna ask for a single bed room, think of what Shei would of thought!) The Motels in Canada are mint, it even had a swimming pool and games room! The food was awesome also (I don't care what Canadians say, Maple syrup is disgusting), the only thing missing was the cigerettes, I was dying for a smoke and I didn't wanna cig around Sheilagh. She knew I smoked of course, but I didn't want my filthy habit affecting others not when I can avoid it by not smoking....small price to pay.

 After I showered I launched myself onto my soft bed mattress, I was set for some sleep until Shei asked why I never hugged her at the airport. After I explained why I gave her the biggest hug I could muster. (I'm not good at hugging people I like, i'm used to giving those "Ffs i'm not in the mood) types.

The hug felt so right though and we fell asleep cuddling, the spare bed forgotten. All I could dream about was being free for the next two weeks and exploring Canada with Sheilagh. For the first time in ages, I did not wake up an hour later in a cold sweat.


Part 2 soon.


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4 Responses Feb 22, 2009

What happened to part 2???? What a great story to start with....we need the ending. I am from BC...know of all the places so far. Moxies is a great place..very casual in can go most anywhere and not be expected to dress up!

Ummm yea you better come up with part 2 quick! I want to know the ending to that story!!!!

The smile was because she was with you, and finally felt like she belonged on this planet.

It's great, you let the readers step into your shoes and let them know how you feel. It's really great