The Bush And Business


It seems more and more people live and work in the City whether it bae a large State Capital or a large regional city and these seem to be at most with a 100km limit their boundaries.


Peoples work seem to be within cooee of their place of residence yet travel times in excess of 25KMP are rarely heard of so if you consider the fact that to travel from Cronull ato Sydney takes the best part of a nhour on a good day.

Finally after either driving or  possibly you got on either a (and in both cases) a Red Rattler or a Blue mercedes arrive at work no less tense aas you where the previous evening after the reverse trip which is far far worse as the nice euroasian lady standing next to you is considerably the worst positioning you have put yourself in for some time and you wished a oxgen mask would drop out the sealing (like the regular Qantas Perth to Sydney flights) you could obviuiosly tend towards the way of being an irritabel **** or resume the front and put on a face.


You realize that you are only a legend in your own eyes. Tolerant in others and just Tolerable to the usual Imbersiles that zeal in the role of being overseer  & who under the rules of engagement relating to Boss / Employee relationships do not play fair,lie and get high blood pressure from yelling11 Which makes one often think "Poor Simple Fool".


I am lucky I put up with the above but being a Travelling Salesman better known today by such wanky titles as New Business Cosultant/Manager/Development Officer/ or State Manager with a staff of thyself only 

You ask yourself why a title why not your Name and the Company your toil for no thats not the good old American way is it?

My travelling takes me quite often intercapital but also I go bush even though it is more tiring as to the  driving distances from town to town it is more than rewarding due to seeing and expeirencing great unaccostemed practices, courtesy & honest down right ubeaut Aussie hospitality.


The customers are pleased to see you and are more that happy tto award you time even though they only expected you on the day which only sacns 8 hours believe it in the bush vendors only work 9.00 to 5.00

 The bush varies from arid paddocks to vineyards thru to lush Daiy cattle paddocks that have a tint of the vibrant purple Pattersons curse (weed) in the background and all fringed thankfully with State and National Parks but surprising the locals might earn the keep in a varity of ways ( Fishhing,Shearing.Vending) they are never rushed as what those City dwellers experience so patience and humidily is well founded out here or dwn here etc


If you are tired or fed up take a trip to the bush!! 300km any way from your capital city is only allowed as for you to expoerience the forementioned



skiffman skiffman
46-50, M
Oct 21, 2009