Freedom Is Priceless


I used to work as a volunteer in an international organization. I enjoyed working there and felt good helping others.  Due to my English knowledge I was assigned the task to travel with one of the members of the board and act as his interpreter at a meeting held in the organization's headquarters in Washington D. C.

 It was my first time in the U. S., I had the chance to meet amazing people and places... it was a beautiful experience. The Director had great reviews concerning my performance and I was told that I would be assigned the same task whenever an interpreter was needed.

By then I had been working as a volunteer for about three years. Right after I came back from that trip I had the chance to apply for one of the YMCA's work and travel programs to go and work in the U. S. I did, and a Marine Biology Institute wanted to hire me to work in one of the Florida Keys for four months. I was extremely excited about it!!! I immediately let the organization's director know about it and her reaction could not have been more negative. She basically told me I took advantage of the organization to get an U. S. Visa. Of course that was not true, since the Visa I was going to use to travel the second time was a totally different one, but this person never understood it. After analyzing the situation I realized that the moment I said Yes to the proposition of traveling as an interpreter they took for granted that I would always be there for them, working on their time, as they wished (and by they I mean the organizations director in my country). Why couldn't I travel for a few months and then come back and continue working with them? I never signed a contract, I was never hired by the organization, I just wanted to give them a hand and help people. But this was never taken into account. I know that the benefits I could have gotten were many: I could have traveled a lot, which is one of my greatest interests, I could have known many countries, met many people (including very important individuals), and all of that would have been for free. But that would have meant to say NO to my right to FREE WILL!!

I don't regret having gone through that bad experience. I learned a lot from it. I learned that nothing is worth giving up your right to decide what you want to do in life, no matter how shiny it might look. I did go to Florida, and I met amazing individuals, including someone who ended up becoming the best friend I'd ever had.

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its nice your spirit is freedom and gr8