All Things Me...

I hate all things fake! Everyday I go through the whole process of making myself "supposedly" more beautiful like all the fake women out there, then just before I leave home.  I take it all off and simply be the me I love and am comfortable with
berrychic berrychic
2 Responses Dec 20, 2010

I think I know what you mean Berrychic. Whenever I get all made up ... I feel like a man in drag! lol I am comfortable with or without makeup ... just depends on my mood. If I do feel like wearing it... I play with it and play with my hair. If I don't ... I just throw a hat on and go.

LOL u crack me up! I'm sure u would be prettier w/ or w/o a hat.The beauty in your heart even shines through your words on2 the page.I can actually feel your vibe believe it or not. ; )

I am glad there's someone decent out there who cares.Thank you for your support Biddykins.