No More Makeup

I recently stopped wearing makeup and i'm proud of my decision. At first it was so hard, because every girl around was wearing makeup. I felt inferior to them, I even had some girls put me down. It took a while to start getting used to my natural face. Now I can't even imagine putting that mask back on. I literally looked like a different person, which made me feel like I was deceiving people.

When wearing makeup I got attention from guys a lot. Since I have social anxiety, all that attention made me extremely uncomfortable. The guys that used to talk to me sometimes, stopped after they saw me natural. It just showed me how shallow some guys are. Now whenever i'm in public I feel so much better. Nobody is looking at me or trying to get my number. It feels great. I'm hoping one day a guy will come along and will love me just as I am. 

justlana justlana
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012