I can prep in the mirror all day. I can pick every shade, wash it off and apply to my liking. I can spent an hour with a curling iron and change outfits 35 times.

However, I have learned that when I leave the house in what I consider a "***** mode" I am actually appreciated more. Strangly enough, I get hit on MORE the less effort I put into my appearance. I discovered this in the most recent years, after my weight loss and after I started worrying more about the details of how I looked. It wasn't that I was vain, but being a bigger girl for most of my life I really had only my makeup to "make me pretty" or so I thought, but as I have become a woman, identified with my true self and dropped the extra weight I find that a more natural, calm version of what I imagined I wanted to be has evolved. Who I am naturally, and witthout all of the makeup and giltzy outfits gets more attention that all of the primping in the world. I don't know if it's innate in a male to be more drawn to a woman without all the trappings of a cover model . . . but I'm grateful it's a discovery I've made early. I still love to get gussied up and pain my face and nails I just know now that I don't HAVE to have it to be beautiful.

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It's good that you've come to that realization that it's merely an option.<br />
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In My view, the best kind of makeup on a woman (if it's worn at all) is the kind that creates the desired change or "improvement", but is completely unnoticeable. Once it's able to be detected, it's almost like 'why bother?' Yes, I agree that there are sometimes moments in life, certain functions, etc, that warrant a woman to apply an extra dash of this or swipe of that. But to Me, too much always tends to shout 'clown face'.<br />
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Undetectable. That's the best kind of makeup application.... second only to none at all. :)

I am a cross dresser so for me to look good IO need to paint my face because as a man I am not considered attractive at all and I find that people are not interested in talking to me because of the way I look , I have found that as a man if I am out some where and there is others to talk to people will not even attempt to talk to me but if I pretty myself up and put on a dress then for some reason both men and women are more open to talking to me hence that I live almost full time now dressed as a woman and I love feeling pretty

I feel the exact same way. There was a time, twenty years ago, where I would not go to the convenience store with out doing my hair and make. Now I go in any shorts and t shirt I can find. Wash my face, brush my hair and teeth, pony tail. <br />
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I get hit on a lot and I am only 41. Sometimes its funny, times when I think I look my worst. I get home and look in the mirror and think well okay. <br />
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Girls are taught to be prissy, sometimes, yes, but being ourselves is the best feeling in the world.