I Was Ment To Be A Mother Of All Children

I dearly love children . there are litle children at my church
that they are so poor , I am working on my husband and myself and y daughter
I am working sving back money to do a ''coat run'' we will do like we did
in 09 for the children at the AM VETS OF POWELL co. we are working on buying
winter coats for the needie children of my church , there are over 215 children
 I am praying that we can buy all of them coats , and we are also working on buying
toys for the children . my church GRACE FELLOWSHIP  church they are the greatest
I really love my church family they have welcomed me and my family as if we have
been members for ever . but most of all they love god as i do and they really treat the poor
children so kind they pick up the poor children for church they dont mind if the children a
are dirty or have no shoes to ware to church they really love the children as i do .
 I ve made a promise to god that if he will find a way for my book to sell well in the stores
I will give back to the little children ,my book is shades of grace ;
by karla reeves , I am going to do for the little children what ever i can this winter .
 i know god will help me help those little ones that dont have in my little town.
 one little girl she wasnt dressed for church her top wasnt proper for church and
i went up to her she was about 10 years old she was warring a halter top she didnt know any better
so i took off my sweater and told her she could ware it that god wanted her to be warm in the
church . i hugged her and told her how pretty she looked . the ladys of the church hugged me
and told me i handled that with such grace and kindness , i told them i was just being me
and  i wanted to help the little girl by not shaming her by what she wore . every time i see the
little girl i tell her how god loves her and how speacal she is .  i dont just tell children this
i really mean it and feel it .

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
Jul 20, 2010