An Unusual Turn On

I consider myself a DL, or diaper lover. That is, I get turned on by diapers. But unlike much of the AB/DL community, I have a number of different feelings when it comes to diapers. One of them, which I have yet to find anywhere else online, is that I get turned on by the thought of treating diapers like normal underwear. That is, I'm turned on when thinking about someone pulling a diaper up or down when going to the bathroom, if I see someone wearing a diaper with their "normal," grown-up clothes, and if they treat it casually like it's no big deal (and if they refer to their diaper merely as their "underwear").

I will admit that this may sound quite strange. On top of that, unlike many ABs and DLs, I have virtually no interest in peeing and pooping in diapers. So if I don't do either of those things in diapers, where's the excitement? Why do I get so turned on when thinking about treating diapers like a supposedly boring, non-sexual article of clothing?

The reasons are kind of hard for even me to fully explain, but I can offer some general reasons why I get turned on by the thought of treating diapers like normal underwear. Before I continue, I should note that when I say "diapers," I mean disposable diapers - particularly GoodNites and Pull-Ups. I should also say that most of my love for diapers stems from enjoying the feel of diapers themselves - and from ************ with them. And if I pull a diaper up or down my legs, I get to feel the soft, yet snug feeling of the leg holes. Plus, the new, unworn ones feel nice, smooth, firm, and snug, while the broken-in ones feel fluffy and ticklish.

For starters, it's very exciting to wear the very thing that arouses you - but treat it so casually and act like it's no big deal. To just call a diaper your "underwear" - something plain, dull, and non-sexual - when in reality, it is extremely sexy and arousing. It's kind of exciting to be "trapped" or forced to wear an unusual, yet arousing pair of underwear - and then, when finished in the bathroom, pulling it back up - again subjecting myself to being trapped in an arousing article of clothing. It's also kind of interesting to think about pulling diapers on and off while in the bathroom, as they're diapers and not meant for that purpose. They're meant to be peed and pooped in - not slid on and off like regular underwear.

Another part of the excitement from this kink is that while wearing a diaper, I am so aroused - but don't want to *** or pee in it, as I've been toilet trained, so it's like not wanting to pee in normal underwear. I feel that I'm wearing something on my crotch area - and thanks to toilet training, my first thoughts are to avoid doing anything in the underwear. So some of the excitement comes from trying to refrain from *********** or peeing in them - especially while close to ****** - and while feeling the delicate, ticklish material inside the diaper. It makes me feel really excited in funny if I'm really aroused and am standing over a toilet peeing - while being turned on by the soft, snug, ticklish feel of a diaper just a few inches below. I guess peeing while being aroused kind of helps stimulate myself in a way.

Also, part of the "excitement" is knowing that diapers are NOT normal underwear - but yet referring to them as "underwear." Babies wear diapers, but people don't normally refer to them as their "underwear."  Diapers are disposable and paper-like, whereas most clothes are not. But yet they are kind of shaped like normal underwear. They look kind of like normal underwear but are totally different - more arousing. And unlike regular underwear, they are more "complex" inside - having more layers of material, more delicate-looking creases, and so on. It just makes me feel funny, knowing I'm wearing "unusual," dainty, delicate, flimsy "underwear" along with my "normal," more durable clothes - instead of wearing all baby clothes and all grown-up clothes - or all cloth clothes. Feeling weird by wearing "unusual" underwear is also another strange kink of mine, which I may explain better later in another story.

I'm sure many people would find my reasoning for this all very strange. My explanations might be a bit disorganized and not that good, but honestly, even I have a little trouble understanding why I get turned on by treating diapers like normal underwear. But that's the best way I can currently explain it.
DocSissy DocSissy
26-30, M
Jan 19, 2013