Whats the point though they don't treat me the same ._.
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How about we treat people with respect, only if they deserve it...?

you just have to find the right girl

Lol o.o

Grmoney thats easier said than done :( dosnt seem to exist.

maybe you're in the wrong place , talking to the wrong girls

I have tried every place school, work, daydream, dream lol

maybe the time isn't right for you to find a girl who will respect you just like you respect her

Ya i heard this a lot will this time every speak of is when I'm old? Or loose a leg in war? Why can't it happen now? I think i deserve it. I have a good job, no kids, no criminal record, no deaths, going to school soon, kindest heart ever, still a virgin. Yet again the wrong guys always get the girls ._.

I don't know what to say ):

Thanks for trying to care me up though :)

you're welcome

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