Therefore ...

I will never attack you although I will defend myself if attacked. I will never call you names or purposely try to hurt you in any way. I will always be honest and expect the same in return. I will show you nothing but respect but expect you will give me the same. It is easy to get alog with me as long as you practive common courtesy.

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6 Responses Mar 2, 2010

LOL I laughed.

Okay, but you asked for it. <br />
<br />
Nick: whats up ****? <br />
Me: did you just call me a ****? <br />
Nick: damn right i did. <br />
Me: we should really be friends. I am a huge **** and you are a huge ***.<br />
Nick: Trudat <br />
<br />
If i went around treating "everyone" how my friends and i treat each other I wouldn't make it to far, but that is how i got most of my friends. I find it funny, I dont know if you will.

Ar, will you post it?<br />
<br />
Carrie, So true! Hugs!!!<br />
<br />
LNG, Hehe! You are naughty.

Princess you have shown me nothing but love and compassion. Although I think why you never attacked me was because you knew I would have liked it to much. LOL

That is the same way i look at life and others. It really isn't asking much.

Ive got a funny story about this... Treating others how you wanted to be treated sort of deal.