Treat Others As U Would Like to Be Treated:

"I treat others as i would like to be treated",  "I always have and always will," 


 I reckon if everyone followed this rule in the world the world would be a lovlier place for sure.
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2 Responses Dec 31, 2007

One of my gripes with people is this. I work at home and am often on the phone talking to staff or a client during the day. My clients have to make an appointment and pay me to talk to them on the phone. They cannot just ring when it suits them, and it has to be during business hours. When I meet friends who want to come around to my house to visit me I tell them all this and they say they understand. Yet if I then tell them that they have to check it is convenient or arrange a time and day that is convenient to visit they make a fuss and expect me to discuss it for ages justifying it and defending it as though it is very strange and unfriendly. Yet they never invite me around theirs and very often they even try to avoid giving me their address. They just want to be able to turn up here whenever it suits them and just walk in. They say that as I am at home they should not need to arrange it or check first. Even if I am not working<br />
I need privacy. I might be in the bath, dying my hair, with a friend where we want to talk in privacy etc.

Yeah the only thing is there is so many instruction books for life that the simple idea kinda got lost in the pile.. sigh.. it will get a little better as time goes on, many of us who are making the change in our selves will slowly make the change in the whole picture, it will never be perfect here, but better.