Being Me No Matter What!

When times are hard always remember: No matter how badly people treat you, you probably always treat people in your life how You want to be treated, this is because You'd  rather be kind and help people & be true to Yourself, then act like a child and mimic behaviour that you don't agree with be proud it's a rare gift x x
Lovingfindingme Lovingfindingme
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1 Response Jul 23, 2012

I know this is how we think people should act, but unfortunately, in the real world,<br />
there are too many people who could care less how they treat others because<br />
they don't have any respect, not even for themselves.

There is totally agree! But I still Don't behave any differently! I love the person I am I enjoy being kind and caring. I've met my fair share of selfish people in the real world and they put them selves first that's fine that's the way some people are, I've just learnt to expect it. I've learnt that you only live once so instead of getting wrapped up in all the bitterness around id rather be happy and be myself :0)