Please Treat Your Stuff Better!!!

At first please pardon with my poor grammar and limited words.
Any mistakes please point out for you .Thanks

My company is a medium company which always play small tricks with its own stuff .
Yesterday one of my colleague who has been finishing his probation period for 3 month already , but the human resource director found her and asked her to finish another probation for extra 1 month .

When we chatted she told me that she was so confused about that . she said they require her to follow this with no excuse , just let her to think the reason for why by herself .

And the salary will also be deducted by 20% because of his probation period .

huangxiaoming huangxiaoming
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Hi Huang. To be honest,life is unfair.The most important thing is to do the very best in everything you do.I like your effort in writing regardless of your grammatical errors.I always believe that we have make mistakes in order for us to improve.Way to go! :)

Hi, how have you been?