The Saying, "what Goes Around Comes Around " Is True.

As part of my job I go to a lot of wine and alcohol tastings at bars, clubs and restaurants. Sometimes other employees I work with go too. I and three of the girls I worked with were sitting at a table talking. Everything was going great until when I was talking to one of the girls the other two who were still sitting three feet from me at the same table said something that's really not that big of a deal to me but socially it's no way to behave or treat a person who you call a friend and especially no way to treat someone who you have to see everyday. So I got up let them know I heard everything they just said not three seconds before and left the restaurant. I was a little pissed but I calmed down and when one of them sent me a text the next morning asking me why I left I couldn't believe it. I sent a text back saying don't play games with me, I heard what you said, just say your sorry and we can move on. There response was, "You didn't hear what you think you heard." Now I know this mind trick and sorry if I'm not a knuckle dragging mouth breather but it doesn't work on me. I told them I'm not mad about what they said but you don't say something that could hurt someones feelings while there sitting at the same table. You do it behind there back, a fourth grader knows that. To sum it up the three of them decided to circle the wagons and did there best to make me out to be this evil stupid guy that lies about everything. They convinced themselves and did there best to convince everyone and anyone who would listen. After a couple of months I decided I had only one choice. Take away my friendship. I stopped talking to them, telling jokes whenever there around, deleted there numbers from my phone and had nothing to do with them what so ever. I acted normal and my fun loving self with everybody else but those three. It feels like yesterday it all happened but this month makes it two years ago when they made there simple social error. After all the trash talking about me and trying to make even myself think I'm an bad guy,one of them still sends me friend requests on facebook and I keep rejecting her. Customers now come up to me almost daily and complain about there attitude problems and how they will only deal with me or no one. So I guess staying true to who you really are is the best advice I've every received or given. That's my story.
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Well I think you did the right thing
You should be even prouder of yourself for not caving to pressure!
I respect honorable people...