The Reason Why I Started This Group...

Hello. I started this group because I gave up a long time ago on being a doormat for people. I was and still am the guy who goes for the laugh rather then the put down. I was and still am the guy who would do anything for anyone. But I had to make a slight change to my personality, I had to learn to say "NO". I don't knnow if anybody else has one but I seem to have been born with a giant sign over my head that reads, "You can treat this person like a piece of **** and he won't say or do anything back!". I don't think a majority of people mean to be cruel or harsh with there words or actions but I have this theory that people are just not socially aware of there surroundings. I just decided one day that next time I was the victim of "social unawareness" I would handle the situation as needed. I always use humor first but if the person keeps going I get personal and if they still need to "win" then I go for the more direct approach and ask them straight up, "Do you feel that bad about yourself that you have to drag other people down with you?". That usually backs them up a bit LOL. As the great Patrick Swayze once said,"Be nice untill it's time not to be nice." I'm not saying go around and be a ***** to people yourself but learn to say no to being treated without respect . If there's a bad influence in my life I ditch it now no matter what or who it is. Life is to short to surround yourself with people who make you miserable. I'm out for now. Later...

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I couldn't have expressed it better...Thank you
Because I was born with that sign too!
Way too nice for my own good but changed to be very straight forward with the world now and appreciate people who are too... :)

Thanks DarkerGaming. :)

I had to make that change myself. It is such a relief to be able to stand up for yourself after years of being 'that guy'. So I know how you feel, and congrats on the change. :D