Sometimes my hands shake so bad, it's embarassing.
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Thank you Jack, it has gotten much better.

Thank you Jack. It has gotten a lot better.

I see that it was awhile ago that you wrote this. I hope that things have improved with time. No one can possibly understand the circumstances that got you here unless they have lived them too. Please know that it can get better and you can sit still and your heart won't always pound like a freight train. Healing brings the reward of serenity.

my hands shake when i'm on alot of prozac. some women like it when a man's hands shake. :)

Happens to me most of the time it's especially noticeable when i'm nervous. I think it's a medical condition but I haven't checked it out yet.

My hands shake, it's at least partially genetic but also stress related. My mothers hands shake badly. If she's holding a piece of paper in her hand it shakes all around, you can really tell. I get that way sometimes, usually if I'm really stressed out, or it used to happen if I was really high also (on hard drugs, not pot).

Lithium did that to me... so hated it!

I still recall not even being able to read a complete sentence or write words on a paper. This to shall pass. (Or so say the great words of wisdom that everyone feels free to share as advice) I am not into advice only can listen.

It is okay, Puck. Sometimes, everyone does. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. Take Care...I hope you feel better soon.